Research Paper About Miscommunication in the Family

Topics: Communication, Marriage, Graphic communication Pages: 4 (2207 words) Published: May 3, 2013
Action research

Alleviating Miscommunication in the Family

I. Introduction
Miscommunication is the root of many conflicts. But what exactly causes conflicts? Many people will pick as the primary factor of conflicts is miscommunication. Why? Because it opens up the triangle of other factors that inevitably leads to conflict. The conflict triangle includes miscommunication taking the first side, fear taking the second side, and assumption taking the third part. How does miscommunication happen? It happens when one side doesn’t communicate enough information and misinterpreted the real meaning of their words. People know that everyone have different interpretations; in this case, when two people are communicating to each other, the other person can get different meaning than what the other intended to say. This leads to miscommunication. People often neglect the real meaning to the real meaning of what have been said and probably confront them in the negative way without listening and that would lead to conflicts. People always fear the worst outcome. In miscommunication, the mind will fill in the missing information with its own creative insight, which is often fear-based. The mind needs logical explanations to events. One of the most basic needs is the need to have answers and the need for reasons and explanations. Absent those needs, the mind switches to a fear-based mode where it can satisfy the needs for answers with that of assumption. Assumption is a derivative of fear because people always assume the worst based on their fears and insecurities. Assumption, therefore, fulfils the need for a logical explanation for the unexplainable event and tends to become locked into that assumption, believing it as truth. II. Background for Research and Description of Related Works In relationship in any kind, it is communication that is the leading factor of problems and fights. Often tines, miscommunication is not so much as I said this time you thought...
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