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Topics: Corrosion, Oxygen, Steel Pages: 4 (429 words) Published: March 30, 2011
What liquid will cause metals to

corrode or rust faster? I have decided to

base my experiment on four different

types of metals and four different

liquids. I will be using a penny, nail,

paper clip and a needle as my four

metals. My four liquids will be vinegar,

beach, lemon water and salt water.

To get started, the metal contents

should be established. Today’s pennies

are mostly made of zinc with a thin layer

of copper overcoating. A nail is a form

of carbon steel or black iron. Paper clips

are made from a low grade steel. A

needle is made from stainless steel.

Examining the liquids and lemon

juice is a citric acid. It should have

corrosive actions on some of the metals,

but not all. I believe that it will not affect

this penny, except to clean it and shine

it. I don’t think it will affect the paper

clip either. I think that the only way it

will have any affect on the needle or

paper clip, will be if they were damaged

or scratched. Corrosion would be caused

If that were the case. I also think there

were not to be any corrosion to the nail

with lemon juice.

Vinegar water is used to clean things.

I don’t think the vinegar will rust a

needle, paper clip, nail, or penny the

fastest. There will be a minimal affect on

The steel material. The carbonation of

water, vinegar and oxygen on the air will

form iron oxide on the nail, the scientific

name for rust. Vinegar will remove any

corrosion and clean the penny.

Bleach is a chloride, like vinegar, I

think the affects will be minimal on

Most of the metals. Since bleach

contains oxygen, it would be most likely

the liquids to rust the nail the fastest. The

affect on the penny will be more like a

cleaning agent, like vinegar and lemon

juice, than as a corrosive.

I think that salt water will be the best

Corrosive liquid....
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