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Divya Chakshu Instructor: Jay Fisher October 3, 2014Overview
Agrium is a retail supplier of agriculture products and services in North America and South America. It is the leading wholesale producer and marketer of all three major agricultural nutrients. The organization is also premier supplier of specialty fertilizers through its advanced technologies business unit. The organization is employing over 14, 000 workers in the company. It is driven by growth whether the products or service is to improve the performance of crops that feeds the world responsibly, grows the business, the market share or the company’s earnings. Because of the company’s commitment to growth and diversification within the framework of financial discipline, they will endure as cornerstone of their long term strategy. Agrium has divided the company in three strategic business units. They are nutrients for growth, solutions for growers and value through technology. (Who are We) History

In 1931 Cominco Ltd enters fertilizer business in the Agrium Company. Along that the following years many more other fertilizing and crop companies started to enter the Agrium. Sherritt Gordon Fertilizers is the second to enter the company in 1954. Vanscoy Potash Operations open in 1969 and enter the business. Fort Saskatchewan Alberta plant opens in 1983. Comnico Fertilizers Ltd trades on TSE as a separate company in 1993. Crop Production Service is acquired in 1994. Cominco Fertilizers changes their name to Agrium Inc in 1995 during the same year Argentina Farm Centers opened. Western Farm Services is acquired along with Nu-West Industries....

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