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Topics: Computer software, Beauty salon, Computer program Pages: 3 (412 words) Published: April 22, 2014
Janae Byrd
September 18, 2013
3rd period

When I graduate from college I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to own my own salon. You would think that technology wouldn’t affect something as simple as owning your own salon. Although it may not have any significant effect on my salon it would have some kind of effect. In my salon I want to convert the way I make appointments to an electronic way; maybe even using a galaxy tablet to make appointments. I would need technology to keep updated on hair dryers, blow dryers, and flat irons and everything involved. Also the latest new hair craves like the Wands and Brushes .In my career choice technology is not very present but it is relevant. It has been said that when managing your own salon technology is your most valuable business partner.

When owning your salon there are a lot things that you wouldn’t know if you didn’t use to technology to tell you. There are a lot of fundamentals and regulations that come with owning your own salon. Although we think that technology is just the internet, Google and yahoo. Innovations in technology could be simple as scissors, but even more importantly what about management software programs. You can create appointment books, financial books, and even inventory control. Another clever thing you could do is track client spending for them. Believe it or not people who sell software for salons make a lot of money. Salon software sells for $100 a month. Companies make millions of dollars solely of just sailing managing software to salons. If you were smart you would go into the software business. Although that sounds great my dream is to have my salon. Another way technology is important to my career is getting the word out about my salon. We live in the new age of twitter and instagram. I could use marketing ways via twitter and instagram to get clients; maybe even having a hyperlink for them to clink on and sign up and make an appointment. Even though we may not see a direct...

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