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This research paper is about Brazil’s Global Business cultural analysis.  This research papers will consist of the dimensions and elements of Brazil culture which includes family, language and relationship.  It will also provide explanations on how these dimensions and elements are integrated by locals carrying out business.  Also, explains on how the culture and business of Brazil differs with that of United States.  The implications of the U.S businesses wishing to do business in Brazil are also are also explained.  Secondary data will be used in this research paper and will be sourced from articles.  The research methodology used in this research is qualitative.  Introduction

In South America, Brazil is the largest nation.  It has been significantly shaped by culture and geography.  It is a source of many natural resources such as timber, coffee and sugar.  Brazil’s culture is a major fusion of indigenous Indians, African and influences of Portuguese.  All this have left the Brazilian society with a stain which has led to a complete wealthy and distinct culture.  The culture of Brazil has been known of hospitality, openness and colorful and rhythmic activities which includes carnival.  The predominant religion of Brazil is Catholicism and therefore a lot of activities are catholic influenced.  The Brazilian culture range is emphasized by class differences which are in all society’s aspects.  By having a good understanding of Brazilian society, its altitude and values of the people, an investor will be in a position to establish a relationship that is superior and conduct business successfully with people from Brazil (Meir, 2011). Brazil’s elements and dimensions of culture

The main Brazil’s culture elements include family, language and relationships.  To start with, the official language spoken by Brazilians is Portuguese.  Portuguese refers to a language of Romance which in some ways is similar to Spanish language.  Portuguese language is spoken by almost 200 million people in the world.  There are two major differences between the Portuguese language spoken in Brazil and Portuguese spoken in Portugal.  To begin with, terms for Brazilian contain more words.  Also, the pronunciation is softer among the Brazilians. In Brazil communication that is verbal is viewed as being over-emotional by cultures that emphasize on maintaining professional reserve in almost all undertakings.  In Brazil, if someone feels something, he shows it (Kwinstessential, 2011). A lot of middle and senior businessmen in Brazil speak English language that is excellent.  However, this is not language that is universally spoken.  Among Brazilians, communication is dominantly oral but not through writing.  When they are sending something in written word, they prefer to follow it up with a visit or through a call.

Brazilians use body language that is exaggerated.  This plays a great role in the usual communication. People from Brazil are very tactile because even across gender, they work at proximity that is very close.  Also, they show levels of eye contact that are very strong when speaking to people (Meir, 2011). Family- Brazil nation is a society that is socialist and puts family at the centre of its social structure.  Families in Brazil are very large but also very close. They love are bound with love and provide each other with security and connections.  The significance of family is clear in the business culture of Brazil as relatives work in the same business.

 Relationship- Brazilians are more dependent on relationships with each other comparable to the significance of family.  It is therefore very important to take time to get a good understanding of Brazilian counterparts i.e. both personally and professionally.  By getting adequate understanding of the right individuals at the correct time, it will help in the minimization of disappointments that an investor may experience when conducting business inBrazil (Thompson, 2011)....
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