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Topics: Hippocampus, Traumatic brain injury, Brain Pages: 3 (1139 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Ariel Closas AndradaBT501AGENPSYCMa. Lourdes Pedida Encisca Timeline of my Life
I was born 11th of September 1993. I am the youngest son of Reynaldo and Alberta Andrada my siblings were Arnold the oldest and Arnel the middle child. My birthplace is in J. Tolentino St. Barangay San Juan Cainta, Rizal. We changed residence to Kabisig Floodway Cainta, Rizal when I turned 1 year old. I was not baptized because in the Iglesia Ni Cristo (Church of Christ) the newborn were offered (“Paghahandog”). My mother told me that when I was 2 I always want to read a book but I can’t so I only imitate the sounds of what I see on the picture especially animals I don’t remember what age I was when I entered a nursery school named CFWC eventually it was renamed Lovely Angels kindergarten school now. The accident that I told the class happened in this time it was afternoon when I had a cut in my scalp because of the opened window when I was playing with our dog. I was so scared to my mom to the point that I don’t really say anything until my mother noticed me holding a white T-shirt on my head and it was full of blood then afterwards I was stitched on St. Michael clinic where the HANS mini hotel was located now. I was on the top scorers on the exams and I graduated with flying colors a Valedictorian(this is where I was having a speech with a patch on my head). In my primary school I enrolled at Light of Life Christian School in Pasig, I was really competing in the ranks and graduated a Salutatorian. Next is the “so called” most memorable high school life or so what they say I continue to compete while handling my first real relationship her name is Jastine Ella R. Magadia in my third year it lasts 2 years and I really wonder why the world is so balanced when a relationship with a girl is smooth the parents will get in the way but when a girl don’t want me the parents were the ones who like me I wonder why is it like that, then I graduated a First Honorable Mention I don’t...
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