Research on Prime Bank (Rajshahi)

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Banking system in Bangladesh comprises nationalized commercial banks, denationalized commercial banks, private commercial banks, foreign banks, development financial institutions etc. Human Resources Management (HRM) plays a vital role in the growth and development activities to the banking system.

HRM adheres to human resource planning, recruitment and selection, training and management development, compensation, performance appraisals and satisfaction. HRM has the highest coverage even in the global perspective due to international growth strategic, degree of decentralization, firm’s size need for expatriate compensation etc.

Dr. M. Saiful Islam Professor of the Department of Management assigned this report to me as a part of MBA Program.

This MBA program was introduced by IBA, Rajshahi University in 2009 in order to prepare graduates with specialization in Business and Financial sector in Bangladesh. This program has been designed to equip the participant the fresh students with basic theoretical knowledge and desk wise practical aspects of business in the context of Bangladesh.

Since MBA Program is an integrated and practical as well as theoretical course on financial sector, the students of this program are required to have a practical exposure in job sector

The broad objectives of the study are to investigate the practices of Human Resource Management of the Prime Bank Limited. The major objectives of the study are stated bellow:

1. To fulfill the course requirement of the 5th term of MBA Program.

2. `What are the main factors in the human resource management environment? 3. How do these factors impact upon the respective human resource management? 4. To identify the different aspects of HRM practices in Prime Bank Limited. 5. What are the different personnel policies in banks to utilize human resources properly? 6. To measure the deviation between the existing policies and practices. 7. To identify the problem areas of HRM practices in the banking sector. 8. To make recommendations for the improvement of HRM practice in the said sector. 9. To have some practical exposure in banking that will be helpful for coming years 10. To learn desk-wise activities in a branch of a bank.

11. To gather knowledge about the functions of different department of bank branch and to compare ongoing practices with theory.

HRM process is continuous process due to inter relatedness of all the human resources functions more specificity is important. Right number of people in right places in right time is made available through Human Resources Planning (HRP*). Selection process adapted to the organizations culture and working environment is more helpful for the purpose, with the organization change over time. Employee training and management development are duly emphasized for the same purpose. Effective performance depends on extrinsic factors like achievement, recognition on responsibility from the work etc. This study would be helpful for our policy makers, researchers and other decision makers in banking areas.

1.5.1Meaning of methodology
Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may be understood as a science of study how research is done scientifically. In it we study the various steps that will generally adopt by researched. In studding his research problems are along with the logic behind them. Researches not only need to know how to develop certain in deeps or test how to calculate the mean, the mode, the medium on the standard deviation or chi-square, how to apply particular research techniques, but they also need to know which of these methods on technique are relevant and which are not, and what would they mean and indicate and why.

1.5.2 Source of data
As a part of my...
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