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Topics: Chicago, Pablo Picasso, United States, World War II, Vietnam War / Pages: 2 (389 words) / Published: Feb 14th, 2012
Kiarra Bailey

Unit 5 Activity: Researching The House on Mango Street

What was going on in Chicago in the late 60's and early 70's? -High-rise apartments and skyscraper construction was booming. The Chase Tower (First National Bank) on Daley Plaza was one of the first, which was completed in 1969.

-Beginning in 1960, sculptures began to be seen around Chicago created by popular sculptors. The most popular by Pablo Picasso in Daley Center Plaza.

-After 1960 the effects from the O'Hare International Airport were dramatic. This spurred businesses and the light industry.

-After 1970 businesses began to spread towards the west side of the city. Chicago began growing even more.

2)What were some common Chicago culture stereotypes that existed during this time frame? What were Mexican-Americans “doing” during this time (working, political involvements, etc)?

-Urban Renewal (remodeling expressways and neighborhoods) was a major change during the 1960's. African Americans and Puerto Ricans were effected the worst. Industrial jobs were lost and Federal Home Loans restricted spending.

-Mexican-Americans worked in low-skill laborers jobs (factories and warehouses). A large majority worked in railroads pulling up old and laying new track.-Political involvement was non-existent for most Mexicans except for a few college students. Their efforts were spent on national issues surrounding Cesar Chavez.-Other cultures had neighborhoods as today but there were fewer stores and even fewer restaurants. Southeastern Asians started migrating here near the end of the Vietnam War. Most lived in Uptown and created their own neighborhoods:

3) What was happening politically in Chicago itself, and around the world? Immigration issues, laws, etc?

-The World War

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