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“Creating Shared Value is built upon fundamental commitments to society, both to achieve the highest standards of compliance with laws, codes of conduct and our own Nestlé Corporate Business Principles as well as to protect the environment for future generations.” – Paul Bulcke, CEO Nestle

To continue to prosper over the long term, we need to ensure that the communities we serve and in which we operate prosper too. We are determined to ensure that our global presence and operations bring benefits to our shareholders, as well as our people, the environment and society at large.

Creating Shared Value begins with the understanding that for our business to prosper over the long term, the communities we serve must also prosper. It explains how businesses can create competitive advantage, which in turn will deliver better returns for shareholders, through actions that substantially address a social or environmental challenge. Specifically, business will thrive and society will benefit if business can:

* Develop products and services that meet societal needs in developed and developing countries. * Use resources more efficiently across the entire value chain. * Improve the conditions for local economic and social development.

As a company (Nestle), we are best positioned to create shared value in three areas:

Nutrition: by providing nutritious products that deliver real health benefits to our consumers and by making our products more affordable and accessible through innovation and partnerships.

Water: by advocating for the protection of scarce water resources and by using water more efficiently in our manufacturing and distribution processes in ways that also benefit others in our supply chain.

Rural development: by supporting farmer development in rural areas where the raw materials we need are grown, securing our continued access to quality inputs and strengthening our customer base.

Creating Shared Value builds on our commitment to compliance and sustainability, both of which are important ways of mitigating risks to our business, protecting our reputation and in the case of sustainability, reducing costs. Creating Shared Value is ultimately about ensuring our competitiveness and commercial success in the long term.

use our knowledge, scale and marketing power to make a positive impact on our consumers and to scale up solutions; • examine where we should compete to drive innovation and change, and where we should collaborate to drive scale; • set more ambitious goals for other CSV focus areas;

• be more open about the problems we are facing with increased transparency about the journey we are taking; • work and align more closely with governments, particularly on nutrition issues.

CSR is much broader than philanthropy. Rather, CSR looks to change business operations in a way that maximizes a company’s benefits to society and minimizes the risks and costs to society—all while keeping the company focused on creating business and brand value.

Challenges of CSR

Helping consumers better understand and improve the environmental impacts of products. We continuously enhance the environmental information we provide to consumers about our products, based on scientific evidence. Developing the scientific knowledge needed to accurately understand environmental evolution and phenomena to inform decision-making. Building greater knowledge internally and externally. Ensuring the provision of raw materials satisfies our demanding environmental requirements. We give preference to suppliers who continuously strive to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their operations. Achieving zero waste to landfill. In many countries appropriate recycling facilities infrastructure is missing, especially for hazardous waste. Managing sustainable growth while water is increasingly scarce.

Creating Shared Value builds on our commitment to compliance and sustainability, both of which are...
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