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Recently, I found myself standing in line waiting to get a sandwich at Dutch, when I looked through the ever-so-perfectly placed drinks cooler...and what did I see? Coke and Coke Zero, the original and the supposed 'clone.' Now, naturally being an extremely inquisitive person, I decided it was time to do an experiment. I grabbed one of each and about 10 of those little water cups and went over to the completely unsuspecting group I had come with. Little did they know, they were about to be a part of my scientific experiment, and the truth would be revealed.

One by one, each of my friends took turns being a victim in the study, being forced to drink from cups labeled either 'A' or 'B,' completely unaware of which drink was in which. When all was said and done, I had some very surprising, yet unsurprising results.

According to my research, along with the help of a colleague who prefers to be addressed as 'the Dré,' we found that, out of the 12 participants in the study, nine of them were able to identify the original Coke flavor, an overwhelming 75%!

To this scientist, these results really only mean one thing. I would like to formally request that the makers of Coke Zero stop saying that their brand has "real Coca-Cola taste," because clearly it does not. I would also like to ask that they stop showing their commercials with the time machine and the guy who keeps cloning himself, because they are nowhere near as funny as they think they are. Come on, Coke Zero you're better than that.

Coke Zero Ingredients | | |

Coke's marketing people talk about "zero consequences", but can they promise Coke Zero's ingredients are without consequences? The ingredients (as written in bold) are listed on Australian cans of Coke Zero. Water anyone?Carbonated water
Colour (150d) - aka "Sulphite Ammonia Caramel"
Food acid 338 - aka "Phosphoric Acid"

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