Research Methodology in Health and Social Care

Topics: Obesity, Nutrition, Research Pages: 11 (2508 words) Published: December 14, 2010

The topic that I have chosen to look at is obesity. The aim of this topic is to find out whether “the ignorance of genetics as a contra factor of obesity”. I have chosen to look at this topic because obesity is concerns me. Obesity has always been a bid debate for a long time now and I was intrigued to find out more about the topic and the cause of obesity. The fact that obesity has made deadlines news in recent years. There are a lot of misconceptions about obesity such as overweight is caused by a sow metabolism. There have been a lot of beliefs and myths about obesity in society today and he above myths is on of them. According to Donnellan (1998) ‘ ‘people who are overweight have told their doctors that they eat no more and sometimes even less that their friends but they still get fat. He argued that is not true because he tested thousands of overweight people and every single one had a normal metabolism’’. This belief or myth has interested me to do research on obesity and find out whether “we are what we eat or whether genetics is to blame for being overweight as well as obesity”.

Obesity has always been a controversial topic and this was also the reason why I decided to look at this part of the topic. Over recent years, the cause of obesity has been debated because they are not sure of the exact cause.

This topic fascinates me because it is always being talked about and recently the study found that pregnant women are having a major impact on the NHS due to the increased risk of complications and the need for extra equipment and staff. (17/04/08). The study found out that obese pregnant mothers need more one to one care, which can have an impact on waiting tomes for the patients. This also means that the NHS will have to spend a lot of money for these services.

I chose this topic because my younger sister she overweight. By comparing the information of her BMI from child to teen differences by giving the same details they both reflect a different health outlook. Her BMI on child test says she is healthy, although if she was to maintain her weight for 2 years when she turn 13 and class as an teenager for this test then the results will show she is obese (http:/ (15/03/08). This can suggest that there is more leeway when weighing children and teenagers than there is with adults. Does this mean it is socially acceptable for teenagers and children to be overweight? This can present a problem for children when they become teenagers because the weight that is seen as acceptable during childhood years will be classed overweight in teenager. If this trend continues, one quarter of children will be clinically obese by the year 2010.

There have been different myths and sayings that obesity is caused by the genes not the food or lack of exercise. Due to the issue that some scientists still believe that genetics is the cause of obesity, I was very intrigued to find out the cause of this and this pushed me to carry out my research about this topic. [pic]

The research that I will carry out it will be based on about what is the cause of childhood obesity. My hypothesis is “do children have to eat healthy and exercise for them to maintain a healthy lifestyle in later on in life”? To carry out this research I will use questionnaires to find out what my fellow parents perspectives. In the questionnaire I will use closed and open ended questions. This enabled me to collect all the results that I needed.

My primary research questions are based on valid data. This is because parents will expressed their feelings about how to maintaining healthy lifestyle for their children at home. Green (2000) ‘‘argued that validity is the guarantee that whatever is being referred is both genuine and well founded. She goes on explaining that something is valid if the reader/researcher...
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