Research Methodology Assignment – 1

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Research Methodology

Assignment – 1

Sneha Tulsyan – 101

MMM Batch-2 Sem-2

For the following case titled “Sleepless Night at Holiday Inn” (published in Business Week and adapted here):
• Identify the problem
• Develop a theoretical framework
• Develop at least four hypotheses


Just a few years ago, Tom Oliver, the Chief Executive of Holiday Hospitality Corporation was struggling to differentiate among the variety of facilities offered to Client under the Holiday flagship – the Holiday Inn Select designed for business travelers, the Holiday Inn Express used by penny pinchers, and the Crowne Plaza Hotels, the luxurious hotels meant for the big spenders. Oliver felt that revenues could be quadrupled if only Clients could differentiate among these.

Keen on developing a viable strategy for Holiday Hospitality, which suffered from brand confusion, Tom Oliver conducted a customer survey of those who had used each type of facility, and found following. The consumers didn’t have a clue as to differences among the three different types. Many complained that the buildings were old and also not properly maintained, and the quality ratings of service and other factors were also poor. Furthermore, when word spread that one of the contemplated strategies of Oliver was a name change to differentiate the three facilities, irate franchises balked. Their mixed messages did not help consumers to understand the differences either.

Oliver thought that he first needed to understand how the different classifications would be important to the several classes of Clients, and then he could market the heck out of them and greatly enhance the revenues. Simultaneously, he recognized that unless the franchise owners fully cooperated with him in all his plans, mere face lifting and improvement of customer service would not bring added revenues.

Problem Definition:
The problem statement in this case is Brand confusion resulting in loss of potential revenue.
Theoretical Framework:
• Differentiation of variety of services depended upon the spending patterns of customers and revenues could be quadrupled if clients could differentiate amongst them.
• Customers were ignorant about the difference in services and they complained about the quality of services and other factors.
• There was confusion amongst the franchise regarding the name change for differentiation of facilities.
• Marketing the facilities first requires clarity and importance about the same to the several classes of clients.
Cooperation of franchise in the brand building and differentiation activity was required and important , mere face lifting and improvement of customer service

cannot add to revenues.

• Revenue creation is directly proportional to brand difference • Better cooperation of franchise helps to increase revenue ,mere face-lifting and customer service doesn’t.
• Inadequacy in classification of variety of facilities leads to brand confusion and reduced revenue generation
• Better quality, services etc is irrelevant to generate revenues as compared to clear understanding amongst customers and cooperation from franchise.

For the scenario below:
a. What is the problem statement
b. Develop a theoretical frame work.
c. What type of research does the company envisage


Exon Mobil (EM) is a well-oiled machine that is pumping profits. How does it do it? By using technology to evaluate potential deposits. It displays a 3-D computed image, IMAX style, on a 32 foot wrap around screen. It then drills underwater. Once oil is found, EM pumps the oil without any significant lapse of time.

Its investment in R&D is over $600 million per year, and it employs 1,500 Pd.Ds. Unlike companies that finance both applied and basic research, EM demands work that produces a measurable impact and competitive advantage. Dissemination of findings among scientists is thus high.

EM is also getting payoffs from older...
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