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QUESTION: What is the difference between Essay and Report?

Qn: What is the difference between Essay and Report?
1. According to; The basic differences between the two are as follows: * The topic or subject matter
For reports, the topic is usually a case study or a problem that supposes a hypothetical situation. A report is more specific as compared to an essay. A report is often based on a combination of extensive research and field work. The essay on the other hand, is usually written to answer a question. Essays usually deal with issues that are more general in scope. It is also based on a lot of research and at times, field work. * The author’s stance

For reports, the author has a main point that is not presented as an argument but rather as a hypothesis. Authors writing an essay usually try to prove the hypothesis of the essay through arguments and supporting data. * The data

Quantitative or qualitative data provide support for the main hypothesis in a report. The data is collected through primary research such as interviewing experts, lab work, or field work. Nothing personally related to the author is included such as his opinion or his experiences. Information from a wide variety of sources – the author’s personal experience and research, among others – may be included. The author’s arguments are supported with evidence gathered from these sources. * The audience or reader

Written reports usually cater to a specific group of people for which the report is written. The essay, on the other hand, is not specialised at all. Any group of readers may read an essay. In the case of students, however, the main audience for the essay submitted as a coursework task is the tutor. * The purpose

Reports are written to provide a solution to a problem or to make a proposal, whereas essays are written to answer a question, inform readers, or to persuade them of the author’s point of view regarding the subject matter. * The structure

A report usually includes section headings or subheadings. An essay on the other hand, is simply made up of a series of paragraphs without any headings at all.

2. According to the difference between essays and reports are as follows;

Reports are…
* Formally structured
* Informative and fact-based
* Written with a specific purpose and reader in mind
* Written in a style appropriate to each section
* Always include section headings
* Sometimes use bullet points
* Often include tables or graphs
* Offer recommendations for action
Essays are…
* Semi-structured
* Argumentative and idea-based
* Not written with a specific reader mind
* Written in single narrative style throughout
* Usually do not include sub-headings
* Usually do not include bullet points
* Rarely include tables or graphs
* Offer conclusions about a question

3. According to by Patrick the difference between essay and reports is as follows;

A report| An essay|
A report is divided into different parts and sections with headings. There may be numbered parts with headings and subheadings, parts labelled A, B, C and so on.Reports are very common in everyday life. You see them in businesses all the time.| Usually there is only the title at the top of the essay and no other headings or subheadings. Just lots of writing with paragraphs...

Links: ideas into cohesive paragraphs, rather than breaking them down into a list of dot-points |
Uses graphics wherever possible (tables, graphs, illustrations) | Rarely uses graphics |
May need an abstract (sometimes called an executive summary) | Will only need an abstract if it is very long, or if your lecturer asks for one Specifically |
5. According to the different between essay and report is explained as follows;
An essay is an argumentative piece of writing which is ideal for comparing and contrasting. An essay allows the author the luxury of calling upon ones own experiences and knowledge. This particular type of writing is less formal than a report and consequently less factual. If you were tasked with writing about the future of the European Union it would be reasonable to expect your tutor to request that in essay format. The rational for that is because it will require a degree of opinion, although the opinion should be built on a foundation of knowledge and fact. An essay can be a clever tool for informing your tutor that you have not only researched the subject, but also understood it to a degree whereby one can offer creditable opinion. An easy mistake to make with an essay is to present a series of facts and other people’s statements only turning that into sentences. It is fine to employ the words of others as long as they are accredited and used to provide evidence of your own analytical thinking. To return to the hypothetical topic of the European Union, it would be ideal to exhibit your knowledge of past and current policy but also stress what you think about the nature of future policy. You are using knowledge and facts to form an educated opinion of your own. What do the facts suggest to you?
One thing to note though is that, although there is a certain amount of fluency expected that’s not to say one can abandon the structure completely. Out with the Introduction, Main Body and Conclusion the main body should be sub categorized by topic. For instance each point should have its own paragraph.
Reports are distinctive from essays as it is a formal piece of written communication. A report tends to have a very strict structure were by the input has rigid limitation. For example, Executive Summary, Purpose/Introduction, Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations; a report will also expect a title page, a contents page and a page on references/sources.
A point worthy of note is making sure that one uses formal language. Also make sure you stick to the structure. Avoid imputing any opinions under the Findings heading. This section is exclusively for stating fact. Also I recommend taking note of your sources on an on going basis. You cannot use a quote or a fact which you have not attributed to a source.
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