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Research Method

By ChonKitKu1 Mar 19, 2013 296 Words
Q4 How can Grey WW-HK/ China redefine client value using CRM; what differentiation technique should it employ?

In our opinion, Grey should not rely on Grey Worldwide’s brand equity to make sales and retain existing customers. It’s because the ability to rely on traditional forms of differentiation for competitive advantage. It can use embedded client information and technology to redefine a firm’s value proposition to its clients in: First, using client information. Second, profiling customers, and third, try to segment customers according to different types. And last, building lifetime value customers.

Q5 How can Grey WW-HK/ China integrate its back-end and front-end processes to enable a customer-oriented CRM process based on its existing business strengths?

Grey should use the un-integrated service channel. They can collect data from each different channel in CRM to analyse the difference of data. Also, they can purchase some missing data from the third provider if they need. Finally, they will get a complete set of data of the customer.

Q6 . Build a customer process blueprint that Grey WW-HK/ China can employ to maximize the utility of its existing customer base.
We conclude a three stage process to maximize the utility of its existing customer base: First, Grey should pay attention to the interaction process between client and employee with the help of their strategy products. Second, Grey should assess the need of the client through employees. In fact, employees is the critical repository of the information collector from the customer because they interact most and directly with the client. They can collect the feedback from the customers directly. Third, Grey can use the tool of new technology to help. For example, they can use blue printed with the interaction between client and employee.

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