Research in Rizals Life

Topics: Philippines, Philippine Revolution, Katipunan Pages: 2 (553 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Assignment(Final Term) #1
A Research in Rizal’s Life

Jose Rizal a Filipino hero who fought for the country, who sacrifice not only himself but all of his beloved ones to fight for freedom a hero who did not uses any physical strength but uses his intellectual mind and ideas. Truly, Filipino should not forget all of his sacrifices in the country and all of the other mighty heroes who also fought for the freedom of our country like Andres Bonifacio, Emilio Aguinaldo, Gregorio Del Pilar and many others. But what made Rizal Filipino change? An event occurs in the 19th century in Europe where it had a tremendous contribution in molding the Philippine's catalyst of nationalism no less than Dr. Jose Rizal. The period of 19th century, was really a well-designed era of the term nationalism. This is the time where drastic change took place placing the endeavor to equalize all men and free them from the tyranny and slavery. We see how during that time sprang from the midst of all consciousness the need liberate themselves and take a rehab from the old and messy mentality of the past that bound them. Many had taken their role in drama of transitioning the world. These thus influences to a lot of similarly idealist throughout the world. And Dr. Jose Rizal is been excuse to these cause. With all the circumstances and the things He had learned and valued from Europe, had been able to formulate the formula of a lethal weapon that would conceived in the hearts and minds of his countrymen and would give birth to Nationalism thus consequently the doom and destruction of Spain's colonialism. Rizal did make a great change in molding the nationalism of the country, not only that Rizal made all the changes but also with the help of all the Filipino who take part in the revolution make changes in making this country a whole new era. Rizal leaves Inspiration to many peoples, men, women and children realizes that education can also be as deadly as a bolo, Rizal has become the...
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