Research in Human Resource Hrm 558

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Research in Human Resource
HRM 558
November 19, 2012

Research in Human Resource

Human resource defines the strategies and plans necessary to implement the company’s vision, mission and goals. More specific, human resource strength in decision making and implementation of strategies and hiring processes is detrimental to the company’s bottom line. In this paper I will address the goals of research in HR, the comparison of primary and secondary research and an explanation of how reliability and validity are used and why they are important to human resource research. To determine what the goals of research in human resource is, a clear understanding of what the problem/concept is, and realization of what consequences if any may result. “Research is essential for understanding even everyday basic phenomena that needs to be handled by individuals and organizations”. (Sekaran 1992). Once, human resource has defined the qualitative (how and why) and quantitative (how much/how many) data, human resource can then predict, plan, strategize and implement a solution. Human resource departments use two types of applications for research when looking for the “right fit” employee for the company; primary and secondary data. Primary data is more costly, and is collected on our own, meaning not the internet but first hand information. Examples of primary data collection include: face to face interviews, observations, questionnaires, and focus groups. In secondary data, human resource uses information gathered from the internet, newspaper, books, background checks, drug tests, or references to gain more insight into appropriate information to answer the question at hand. Both primary and secondary data are necessary because they provide two different types of information. For example in an interview situation (primary) a candidate may be able to shine and appear to be the best possible candidate there is, but further investigation (secondary) a...

References: Ghauri & Gronhaug (2005). Research Methods in Business Studies: Practical Guide (3rd Ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education Inc.
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