Research in Broken Family

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TITLE: Behavior and coping mechanism of pupils from broken family.
People marry for many reasons, including one or more of the following: legal, social, libidinal, emotional, economic, spiritual, and religious. These might include arranged marriages, family obligations, the legal establishment of a nuclear family unit, the legal protection of children and public declaration of commitment.

Family is the basic components of the society.   And we believes that the number one ingredients on youth’s happy life are their family, that the parents are the most important source of youth’s behavior, which effect to their outlook in life. A broken family refers to a family who has been separated or divorced. That is an archaic phrase coined by people who live in a very conventional social structure where most adults are married and few split up. Of course, in other layers of society marriage is not the norm and people don't use that term much.

When parents split up, there can be many emotions that a youth may have to deal with. These feelings, internalized or expressed, will result in certain behavior that will possibly affect to the youth’s outlook in life. Being a broken hurts! It is the collapse of a God intended design. Children can get robbed of a special experience and protection called "Family". They move on in their lives as individuals without the understanding of what family security and bond.

Many people would be puzzled by that phrase since many families begin to heal and thrive when the person who was making family life miserable has been removed from family life. This household might suffer from violence, and a dissolved marriage, or anything else that interferes with the upbringing of children. During elementary school, children from non-intact families scored consistently lower on reading comprehension and math, and had more difficulty maintaining their grade levels overall. Children from married parents had much lower rates of behavioral problems in the classroom than children who did not live with married parents. In particular, boys from broken marriages showed a higher rate of classroom misbehavior. For teenagers, students from broken were 30 percent more likely to miss school, be late, or cut class than students from intact homes, in part because single parents had more difficulty monitoring their children. These children were also at higher risk for smoking, using drugs and consuming alcohol. Teenagers from non-intact families were more likely to be sexually active and had higher rates of pregnancy. Girls from divorced single-mother homes were at greatest risk for teenage pregnancy.  Some people, however, swing to the opposite end by denying that it affects them. They try to go on merrily in their lives projecting an image that they are handling it well. The truth is, there is a world of difference between what one experiences in a healthy family versus one that is broken.


Broken home children are 'five times more likely to suffer mental troubles'

UPDATED: 22:44 GMT, 21 October 2008

Children from broken families are nearly five times more likely to suffer damaging mental troubles than those whose parents stay together; Government research has found. It also showed that two parents are much better than one if children are to avoid slipping into emotional distress and anti-social behavior. The findings say that children’s family backgrounds are as important - if not more so - than whether their home is poor, workless, have bad health, or have no one with any educational qualifications. The research adds to a wealth of data that shows children suffer badly from divorce or parental break-up, and that those brought up by a single parent are more likely to do badly at school, suffer poor health, and fall into crime, addiction and poverty as adults. The report, funded by the...
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