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The term dyslexia has appeared in 1887. It was introduced by a German physician Rudolf Berlin. He used the term to refer to the case of a boy who had disorder in reading and writing; The term dyslexia was formed from the Greek word "dys" - meaning the absence of something, and Greek word „lexis" - speech. Dyslexia is characterized by difficulty with learning to read and write despite normal or above-average intelligence.

Here we can see 4 types of dyslexia;
First is Visual dyslexia
It is a disorder of perception and visual memory relate with visual and motor coordination

Second is Phonological
It is a disorder of perception and phonic memory relate to language dysfunction

Third is Dyslexia integration,
When individual functions do not show interference, and incoordination

And last one is Dyslexia mixed type,
It is disturbances in perception and auditory memory, memory and visual perception, spatial imagination;

Now I’d like to move on the next my objective. I would like to explain the couses We still are not sure what causes of dyslexia. At present, all experts have few theories. Below I will try to explain the two most important:

Genetic causes - the reason of disorders in reading and writing are gens passed from generation to generation . The research of Gerd Schulte Korne shows that difficult reading inherits about 60% Acquired dyslexia – the most common causes are brain injuries, stroke or some other type of trauma.

The National Centre for learning and disability said that everyone at any age can be tested and type of test is depending on of the age of the person and what problem they have.

The diagnostic test should cover the followings area:
Information - Developmental, medical, behavioural, and family history •Intelligence
Test of specific oral language skills
Word recognition
Phonological processing
Fluency skills
Reading comprehension
Vocabulary knowledge

The examiner...
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