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Research- Goodnight mister tom
The War itself
When was the Second World War?
Who were the Allies?
U.S.A, Great Britain (UK), Russia, Canada, China, Australia and France, were major Allies. They were countries that opposed the Axis powers.
Who were the Axis powers?
The Axis Powers consisted primarily of Germany, Italy, and Japan.
Who was King of England?
King George VI
Who was the British Prime Minister?
Neville Chamberlain was the Prime Minister at the start of the war however he resigned and Winston Churchill took over in 1940. Then Clement Attlee took over from Winston Churchill’s place.
The effect of war in Britain
How did the war affect the lives of ordinary people both in the country and the city?
Rationing regulations for food and clothing were introduced during the war in 1940. This meant each person could buy only a fixed amount of certain foods each week. Rationing was introduced to manage shortages, control citizen consumption and make sure everyone got a fair share. You had to hand over coupons from your ration book, as well as money, when you went shopping. When you had used up your ration of one food you could not buy any more that week
Women played a vital part in the country’s success in World War 2.
Women made valuable contributions during World War II on the home front Often, women's activities during the War moved beyond their traditional roles in the household and family Women encountered male resistance as they moved into the workforce In the early months of the War, women formed organisations to help fill the positions left empty by men who left to fight overseas Women juggled work and family during the War

The job of most men during World War II

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