Research for a Thriller, Forbidden Pieces

Topics: Thriller, Genre, Psychological thriller Pages: 3 (733 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Q. Give detail to research you have made for your preproductions.

Start with a short intro
You can start with the title or genre as your basic point. Dicussing why, where,when or how. Remember to always do background checking on the genres to get the codes and conventions to make yours suit the conventions, not to confuse your target audience.

Dont forget to do some research on your target audience too. This is essential. Other research you can do, for example on scripts or previous posters similar to yours is a mustdo and a real big help!

My example:
Research for my thriller film Forbidden Pieces
For the title of my film, I researched different films that had similar film ideas to mine and tried to think of a title that would represent my idea but not give it away as soon as someone read it. I looked at different musical words with other adjectives and came up with these ideas and after asking those from my target audience they agreed that Forbidden Pieces would be the best title.

>Swinging Life. > Forbidden Pieces

> Crescendoing complications > Paper Cut

This is because some of the scenes I believe a younger audience wouldn’t understand, yet there are parts that I believe students can relate to better than adults – that is also why I have based my film in a school with a student around education – something that influences students every day, or that they can relate to everyday.

I then asked them using my questionnaire and series of questions; one being what they would like to see in a psychological thriller, nearly all of them said suspense or death and blood, one that makes you really think. So with their list of most popular everyday uses I have added a few to my film, including laptops, phones and school equipment as well as music.

Usually in a psychological thriller, the target audience is those who are above the age of 18 and this is because of some of the characters may have psychological illnesses that younger viewers...
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