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Topics: Human trafficking, Prostitution, Slavery Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Marissa Heffernan
Mrs. Bergner
English 10
March 29, 2013
Human Trafficking
Lucy was twelve when she was abused by her parents and was forced to leave the house. She was left homeless on the streets when she was approached by a man who had said she was pretty. Then he convinced her that she would make a perfect model, and took her back to New York with him. She later found out that he was lying and got herself caught in a long line of prostitution. Unfortunately stories likes Lucy’s are occurring more and more. Human trafficking is a growing problem in the world.

Human trafficking has been a huge problem in the United States and also the world for years now. Men, woman, and children fall into the hands of traffickers and get themselves caught up. Some causes may be, children getting kidnapped and forced to fight. Girls get kidnapped and are sold into slavery. People also get taken to be used as farmers. People all around the world need to be more careful about their surroundings because you never know who’s out there.

The effects of being caught up in human trafficking can really mess someone up, physically and mentally. Girls that were prostitutes might have gotten AIDs or another disease. People that have worked too hard may be pretty beat up. Their body might be super weak. And none of them are aloud to seek medical assistance because they’ve gotten threatened.

In my opinion I think we need major help to stop this huge problem. People try and help but its not working and if anything its getting worse. The US Government Agencies try and send people out in disguise to free them but most of the time they get caught. We need more people to go out there and actually look for the missing people.

We need to make a change about the way we work with it because it is getting worse everyday. We need to work together as a whole and save our daughters, sisters or whoever they might be to you because stories like Lucy’s are occurring more and more...
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