Research Design and Strategy

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Introductory Paragraph

I have been hired to conduct a research project for university here in Washington DC. I will be meeting with my University clients to explain the research strategy that I will be developing. This strategy is critical for the success of the research project; I will help my client understand what research strategy is and how to prepare a report that addresses the following topics. First I will discuss how research topics are selected. I will then discuss the importance of the purpose statement and explain how research questions and hypothesis are developed. I will then discuss the null and alternative hypothesis and how they support the research effort. I will also discuss how research effort will be measured and analyzed and I will include a discussion of the various research report formats and documentation that will be needed for each research method qualitative quantitative mix and action. After that I will explain how to conduct a literature review to support the research effort and discuss how to develop an annotated bibliography and explained the importance of ethical and legal responsibilities in the research project. Creswel, J. (2009)

Discuss how research topics are selected.

When developing a research strategy is important to discuss how research topics are selected, this is usually done before considering what literature to use in the project. The university must first identify a topic to study. This topic must be practical and useful, because the topic will become the central idea for the researcher to learn about or to explore. There are several ways that researchers gain insight into their topics; one way is to draft a “brief title” to the study. Some researchers draft their topics with a question to help them determine a “working title” for their paper. The question the researchers develop could be “this study is about?” and then the researchers finished the question with a response that eventually becomes the topic of research. When creating a topic it's important to be straightforward and simple. Researchers should avoid using wasteful words. It is important that the topic be precise as possible so that the research is understood quickly. Creswel, J. (2009)

After selecting a topic there's a few things that researcher would encounter 1. Researcher couldn't find that there's very little information available on the subject. 2. The researcher may find that the research doesn't support the thesis. In order to avoid pitfalls researchers should come up with intriguing exciting ideas according to Michael Eboh (2008) a Yahoo contributor he outlines an eight step process as to how to select a research topic. 1. The topic must be educational in nature. 2. The topic must be selected and of interest to the researcher. 3. The topic must be original. 4. The topic must be researchable. 5. The topic must be available, meaning time and financial resources need to be available so that the researcher can complete the topic. 6. The topic data must be availability. 7. The facilities for data collecting must be available. 8. The topic must be significant and capable of adding new knowledge to the research project. Michael Eboh (2008)

Discuss the importance of the purpose statement.

All research projects require a statement of purpose. A statement of purpose explains the research project goals as well as the hypothesis tested. The statement of purpose usually comes at the end of the introduction and is often included in the thesis statement findings. Research findings should never be revealed in the statement of purpose. The statement of purpose of several components gives the reader framework of the research and explains the main concepts of the paper. It also covers that the study will have the results that are measured. The statement of purpose is not a thesis statement; although it helps the researcher set the stage for the thesis statement by introducing the topic and the breath...

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