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1) Is there is a relationship between childhood obesity levels in primary school children and whether the child participates in after school sports activities? Research Design
A quantitative research helps to provide a detail description regarding phenomena by numerical data collection using mathematically based analytical methods (Muijs, 2011). The main aim of a quantitative research is to establish a relationship between an independent and dependant or outcome variable in a population. In this study the researcher tries to illustrate the relationship between the levels of obesity in primary school children with children who participates after school sports activities. From this it is clear that this is a quantitative design study. A non-experimental research method is used to conduct this study. In this study the researcher measures two variables and assesses the correlation between the variables without making any effort to control the extraneous variables (Gravator &Forzano, 2012). The researcher uses large number of samples to get an accurate result. Moreover the researcher cannot manipulate the independent variable or to randomly assign the participants A research design is a work plan which includes the method of data collection, instruments employed for the study and to analyze the data to answer the question unambiguously as possible. In this study a correlational research design is appropriate as it assess the relationship between two or more variables without making a control on extraneous variables and finally correlating these variables. Here the researcher correlates childhood obesity with participation in after school sport activities. Data Collection and Sampling

Before collecting the data, sampling should be done. This includes when, where and under what conditions the observations to be made and who will be observed (Lamar, 2002).Here the samples are primary school children. The data can be collected by measuring the participants to determine the physical characteristics, by sorting them into groups or by their response to tests and rating scales to obtain set of scores. The instruments used to collect data are standardized tests, rating scales and devices which calculate the height, weight and frequency. Here the data can be collected from schools by obtaining the consent from school authorities and parents. The data also can be collected from school health nurses records and from parents meeting. Survey interviews and self administered questionnaires can be used for data collection. Children’s BMI scores are to be monitored to analyze the obesity criteria students. After this measurement correlations between the variables are computed to identify the degree of relationship with the variables. Here the obesity levels of children in primary section and children who involve in sport activities after school are correlated to observe the result. Randomly selected 30 samples that were willing to participate in the study were allotted for this study. The greater number of samples helps to generalize the findings (Krauth, 2000). Data Analysis

Data analysis can be done using statistical tests. It depends on the type of variables to be studied. These variables can be continuous and can change according to the test scores or in which the variables can be divided according to categories like gender, grade and all. The soft ware package Statistical processing for the social sciences (SPSS) can be used to make determinations of relationships and displayed results of the data. Moreover SPSS is a comprehensive, integrated software system which is used for statistical data analysis and this helps to calculate and analyse specific information from data from research studies (Gorman, 2008). 2, Do nurses who work regular night shifts have higher levels of depression than nurses who work regular day shifts? Research Design

In this study, the researcher tries to assess whether nurses who...

Bibliography: Lambert, V.A &Lambert,C.E(2012) Qualitative descriptive : an acceptable approach. Pacific rim international journal of nursing resrerach.
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