Research Design

Topics: Sampling, Knowledge, Tacit knowledge Pages: 4 (881 words) Published: November 27, 2014
Research Design
The study that was executed is constructed precisely by the group in order to pinpoint the aspects that may or may not influence knowledge sharing among university students. Therefore, when testing the connection between these five factors (leadership, explicit knowledge, opportunity to share, tacit knowledge, and trust) contributing to knowledge sharing, the hypothesis testing method was thoroughly chosen as the principal objective of the research. Added to that, for a more in depth understanding on the correlation amongst the variables, correlational investigation was utilized. This correlational relationship reveals that no less than two variables or concepts shift at the same time. The questionnaire technique was applied for the purpose of testing the hypothesis in order to accomplish the study objectives as intended. A survey based questionnaire was handed out to as many Multimedia University students within the Cyberjaya campus grounds for analysis purposes. This questionnaire surveys mentioned was dispatched in a cross sectional method which resulted in the data collected needed only to be executed once, as this was sufficient to meet the research objective.

Population and Sample
It was decided that the selected population whom had contributed in answering the questionnaire survey of this report are the Multimedia University students studying within the Cyberjaya campus concerning all degree major scholars offered by the university. Furthermore, the degree level scholars differ due to the fact that the undergraduates are from diverse faculties in Multimedia University for instance; Faculty of Engineering (FOE), Faculty of Computing and Informatics (FCI), Faculty of Creative Multimedia (FCM) and Faculty of Management (FOM). The file regarding the sample was acquired from our group mates as these undergraduates are acquaintances whom are studying in Multimedia University Cyberjaya campus. It was stated that the total amount of...
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