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You are about to test the hypothesis that sales of your product will increase at a very similar rate at either a $5 drop in unit price or a $7 drop in unit price. You are involved in what type of research?
(Points : 2) exploratory descriptive causal focus group ethnographic

Of the following combinations, managers would be most likely to start with ________ research and later follow with ________ research.
(Points : 2) exploratory; causal descriptive; causal descriptive; exploratory causal; descriptive causal; exploratory

Causal research is used to ________.
(Points : 2) test hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationships gather preliminary information that will help define problems find information at the outset of the research process in an unstructured way

describe marketing problems or situations quantify observations that produce insights unobtainable through other forms of research

4. The real value of a company's marketing research and information system lies in the ________. (Points : 2) amount of data it generates variety of contact methods it uses

efficiency with which it completes studies quality of customer insights it provides marketing information system it follows

5. ________ is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization. (Points : 2) The marketing information system Marketing research Exploratory research Observational research Causal research

6. Information collected from online databases on the Internet is an example of ________ data. (Points : 2) primary secondary observational experimental ethnographic

Which of the

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