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You are about to test the hypothesis that sales of your product will increase at a very similar rate at either a $5 drop in unit price or a $7 drop in unit price. You are involved in what type of research? (Points : 2)

focus group

Of the following combinations, managers would be most likely to start with ________ research and later follow with ________ research. (Points : 2)
exploratory; causal
descriptive; causal
descriptive; exploratory
causal; descriptive
causal; exploratory

Causal research is used to ________.
(Points : 2)
test hypotheses about cause-and-effect relationships gather preliminary information that will help define problems
find information at the outset of the research process in an unstructured way

describe marketing problems or situations
quantify observations that produce insights unobtainable through other forms of research

4. The real value of a company's marketing research and information system lies in the ________. (Points : 2) amount of data it generates

variety of contact methods it uses

efficiency with which it completes studies
quality of customer insights it provides
marketing information system it follows

5. ________ is the systematic design, collection, analysis, and reporting of data relevant to a specific marketing situation facing an organization. (Points : 2) The marketing information system

Marketing research
Exploratory research
Observational research

Causal research

6. Information collected from online databases on the Internet is an example of ________ data. (Points : 2) primary

Which of the following is NOT a potential source for marketing intelligence? (Points : 2)

competitors' garbage

competitors' products
competitors' sales data published in annual reports
primary data

discussions with purchasing agents

Focus group interviewing has become one of the major marketing research tools for getting insight into consumer thoughts and feelings. However, if the sample size is small, a researcher would be most concerned about which of the following? (Points : 2)

finding a representative sample
generalizing from the results
administering the questions
orchestrating cooperation among participants
finding enough secondary data to support the findings

What is a major drawback of probability sampling?
(Points : 2)
It can be time consuming.
Sampling error cannot be measured.
The most difficult population from which to obtain information is chosen. Everyone has an equal chance of selection.
Marketers must rely on the judgment of the researcher in respondent selection.

When managers use small convenience samples such as asking customers what they think or inviting a small group out to lunch to get reactions, they are using ________. (Points : 2)
informal surveys
direct marketing
marketing intelligence

Maryann Rose is conducting research to determine consumers' personal grooming habits. Because of the personal nature of the survey questions about this topic, Maryann wants to select the contact method that is most likely to encourage respondents to answer honestly. Which contact method should Maryann select? (Points : 2)

mail questionnaires
telephone interviews

individual interviews

focus group interviews
online panels

12. Tasoula Jeannopoulos has a limited budget for...
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