Research About Computer Radiation

Topics: Electromagnetic spectrum, Electromagnetic radiation, Cathode ray tube Pages: 14 (4119 words) Published: March 15, 2011
Effects of Computer Radiation in the Health of I-BSN-2 Students of Cavite State University I. Introduction
      Nowadays, computers are very common in a household. Computers are very advantageous which actually has unlimited capabilities; in seeking a certain information, for recreation, for entertainment purposes and many other uses. But despite those infinite uses of computers, some say that computers cause detrimental effects to those who are exposed to its radiation.       Radiation, in Physics, it is defined as the process of transmitting energy through space. There are two types of radiation exposure—82% is from natural resources such as cosmic and solar rays and 18% of the exposure is from man-made radiation.       Radiation injures the body by destroying cells and parts of cells. It hinders cells from dividing which gives rise to cells which does not have the ability to reproduce.       The reason why the researchers have chosen this topic is to stress out the hazardous effects of computer radiation through surveys, interviews and a deep investigation in this matter.       In order for the study to become successful, the researchers would use surveys and other forms of research to obtain necessary information which are needed in the research. Furthermore, the researchers would search for information through the internet for more specific and accurate findings. A. Statement of the Problem

This research aims to find out the effects of computer radiation in the health of I-BSN-2 students of Cavite State University. a. What are the observable effects of computer radiation? b. What are the effects of computer radiation which are already proven? c. Why do people experience effects and illness by sitting behind the computer monitor? Research Objectives

a. To identify the causes of computer radiation.
b. To determine the percentage of users experiencing bad effects from computer radiation c. To inform the public about the effects of computer radiation.

B. Significance of the Study
      The study is significant because it would emphasize the effects of computer radiation. Students, teachers and the public would know what truly the health hazards of computer radiation are. It could also be used as a reference for students and specifically health teachers. C. Scope and limitation

      The extent of the study includes certain effects of computer radiation to the health of computers. The proponents would specify the gathered data and interviews to make the research reliable. D. Definition of Terms

• Radiation - is a process of emission of energy or particles. • Electromagnetic waves - a wave of energy with a frequency within the • Electromagnetic spectrum, generated by the periodic fluctuation of an electromagnetic field resulting from the acceleration or oscillation of an electric charge. • Cosmic Rays - are radiation consisting of energetic particles originating beyond the Earth that impinge on the Earth's atmosphere. • Solar Rays - an electromagnetic wave of radiation from the sun.

Chapter II
Review of Related Literature
Computer and television screens, also used for video games, function on the same principle: like a fine jet of water projected against a wall, a beam of fast electrons sweep the fluorescent surface of the screen, where, point by point, it draws a luminous image. This would not be a problem if the energy from the electrons was limited to providing the image. But some of this energy escapes in the form of radiation at various frequencies, in particular VLF and ELF (very low frequency and extremely low frequency) fields. The spot of electrons which sweep the screen generates what scientists call PEMR (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Radiation) which, at close range, disturbs the balance of all living cells. It has been established that the harmful effects of PEMR exist all around the screen, especially in front of and behind the tube, effects which...
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