Topics: Education, Decision making, Student Pages: 4 (664 words) Published: September 22, 2014

The analysis of Factors affecting choice of college:
A case study of UNLV hotel College students

So Jung Lee
William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
University of Nevada Las Vegas


Hyun Kyung Chatfield
William F. Harrah College of Hotel Administration
University of Nevada Las Vegas

Many studies on college student decision-making use economic and sociologic theoretical frameworks to examine factores of college choice(Hearn, 1984; Jackson, 1978; Tierny, 1983; Somers, Haines & Keene; 2006). These frameworks have been used to develop three theoretical, conceptual approaches to modeling college choice.

First, the economic models focus on the econometric assumptions that prospective college students think rationally and make careful cost-benefit analyses when choosing a college( Hossler, Schmit, & Vesper, 1999). Second, the status-attainment models assuma a ulitarian decision-making process that students go through in choosing a college, specifying a variety of social and individual factors leading to occupational and educational aspirations(Jackson, 1982). Third the combined models incorporate the rational assumptions in the economic models and components of the status attainment models. Most Combined models divide the student decision-making process into three phases: aspirations development and alternative evaluation; options consideration; and evaluation of the remaining options and final decision making (Jackson, 1982).–––

Another research approach to choice and decision-making in higher education considers three different levels to student’s choice: global, national and curriculum level. First, the global level focuses on why students choose to study abroad. Student migration and study abroad has become a huge business matched by tremendous investment, especially among western countries. Zimmerman et al. (2000) has identified “push and pull” factors which...
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