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Research Task 2
2148010 Karan Mohan

2a.Definition of Research

Website Definition
According to Best(2010) Research is a systematic and objective analysis and recording of controlled observations that may lead to the development of generalizations, principles, theories and concepts, resulting in prediction for seeing and possibly ultimate control of events.

Text Book Definition
“The systematic collection and interpretation of information with a clear purpose, to find things out”(Saunders,Lewis&Thornhill,2012,p.680). Journal Definition
According to (Woody, 2008) research compromises defining and redefining problems, formulating hypothesis or suggested, solutions, collecting, organizing and evaluating data, making deductions and reaching conclusions to determine whether they fit the formulating hypothesis.

1c tasks in the research process template. (2012, 010 11). Retrieved from j: drive: J:\ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES INFORMATION\POSTGRADUATE\PG 2014\RES5 Research 5\Research A resources 4a Ethics and buisness research. (2012, 8 28). Retrieved from j:drive: J:\ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES INFORMATION\POSTGRADUATE\PG 2014\RES5 Research 5\Research A resources Best, J. .. (2010, december 4). Various definations of Research Methods by various authors. Retrieved from Tips on physical education : Burney, S. M. (2008). Inductive and Deductive research approach. Karachi: University of Karahi. Cordon, D., & Williams, B. (2014). Learning Skills Associated with Problem Solving,Design, and Research. Retrieved from Neville, C. (2007). An Introduction to research and research methods. United kingdom: University of Bradford. Saunder, M., Lewis, P., & Thornhill. (2012). RESEARCH METHODS FOR BUISNESS STUDENTS (5th ed.). Harlow, Essex, England: Pearson Education. template, 1. t. (2012, 10 11). J:drive. Retrieved from J:\ACADEMIC PROGRAMMES INFORMATION\POSTGRADUATE\PG 2014\RES5 Research 5\Research A resources Woody, C. (2008). Research Methodology. New Delhi, India: APH . According to me the definition given by Research methods for business students covers the different aspects like interpretation of information from previous data and to find out as to where the loss of things occurs on this basis is the most effective for the hospitality industry.

2b.Relationship between Research and Problem Solving

(Cordon & Williams, 2014)

Relationship between Problem solving and Research

Identifying the assumptions.
Studying the differences.
Selecting tools.
Generalizing specific results.
Validating completeness.

(Cordon & Williams, 2014)

2c.Relation between Ethics and Research in Hotel and Tourism Industry

Ethics and researching in the field of Hotel and Tourism Industry are extremely important aspects and the following fields wherein ethic and research are related to each other are as follows. 1. The method of conduction or the procedure should be systematic and translucent as the hotel industry is a professional industry. 2. While researching one must take care of the rules and regulation while gathering information and data. The Hotel industry has its own set of principals or ethics which are to be followed by the researcher. 3. While conducting research the researcher should make sure that he does not invade the guest’s privacy and also the hotels as this could affect the hotels reputation in front of guests.

Role of PIHMS Ethics Committee

1. The student conducting the research, the PIHMS ethics committee makes sure that his privacy is taken care of. 2. The committee helps out by questioning, based on the topic of research only and the topic of interest. 3. The PIHMS committee makes sure that the participant is under minimal stress. 4. The PIHMS committee lets the student conducting the research...
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