Topics: 21st century, Cold War, Global warming Pages: 1 (347 words) Published: March 29, 2014
Changing Lifestyle of the Indian Youth due to Western Influence Every country has its own lifestyle and culture, be it U.S, Australia, Europe, Japan, China or India. Countries like U.S, Australia, Europe etc. still follow the same culture but India is a country with diverse culture. Every state has its own culture and its own language. People everywhere follow different religions and with the changing religions the way of living, dressing, food habits, language everything changes. The first people who adapt to the changing lifestyle is the youth. Youth comprises of half of the population of a country but there lifestyle is confined only to gizmo gadgets, discos and pubs. Night outs, lounging in the pubs is a very common scene everywhere. All these practices never existed in India, be it in the late 20th century or the early 21st century, but with time they are coming in with full force. The reason for all these things is the LPG (Liberalisation, Globalisation and Privatisation). People from India went to different countries for jobs and started following their lifestyle and started quoting it as “cool” which was easily adapted by the youth. Youth’s dressing style, eating habits, way of talking, everything has changed and they find all this cool. Wearing skin fit jeans and high heels are in fashion these days. Earlier people never used to go out to the bars and pubs just to spend money and drink but now it’s a part of everyone’s lifestyle. Going out on the weekends for partying and drinking is the new trend now. Every city in India now has a bar that is open till 12 am. Cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Goa have bars and pubs open till 4am. Bangalore is one such city where the nightlife was only till 11pm taking into consideration the safety of the city but recently the nightlife of Bangalore has been increased to 1am just for 3 months on the trial basis. People in the city are still not used to this timing but are happy about the increased timings....
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