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MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is a type of welding that forms an electric arc between the metal and a wire electrode. The electric arc between the metal and the electrode melts the metal and allows it to be joined. An inert gas shield travels through the welding gun, which serves as protectant from outside air contaminating the process. This process generally requires a direct current power supply, but sometimes alternating current power systems are used.

Electrodes are wires that allow an electric arc to form between it and a metal, which allows the metal to melt. Different types of welding electrodes are used depending on the type of welding process. For example, a consumable electrode, where the metal in the electrode is used up in the welding process, is used during MIG welding. But a non-consumable electrode, where the metal isn’t used up in the welding process, would be used for gas tungsten arc welding. Electrodes also have applications in alternating current electrical system by serving as a connection from the circuit to the object that is receiving current.

MIG welding gives the welder a couple types of technique to use. One technique that is used is the pull technique, where the welder points the welding gun towards the weld puddle and moves the gun away from the deposited metal (deposited metal is molten metal that is used in the welding process). This process allows for a narrow bead and deeper penetration, which means that the fusion of metal will occur deeper in the base metal used in the weld. Another technique is the push technique, in which the welder moves the welding gun ahead of the weld puddle and welds the metal. This process allows for a wider bead and lower penetration. These effects make the push technique more attractive than the pull technique.

The mild steel welding capacity range of a Millermatic 212 can range from a minimum of .9 mm to a maximum of 9.5 mm.
A duty cycle in terms of welding specifies the amount of time...
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