Topics: Management, Strategic management, Business terms Pages: 11 (3845 words) Published: October 11, 2013

Senior Seminar in Human Resource Development: HR491
Nicole Runyon: Instructor
December 4, 2011

This position paper describes just how and why Computer Science Corporation (CSC) is worldwide trailblazer in providing technology solutions and services through three principal lines of business: (1) Business Solutions and Services; (2) Global Outsourcing and Services; (3) North American Public Sector. CSC competences take account of systems design and integration, information technology and business process outsourcing, applications software development, Web and application hosting, mission support and management consulting. The head office is situated in Falls Church, Virginia and has roughly 97,000 personnel and reported trailing 12 months revenue of $16.2 billion for the second quarter ending September 30, 2011. I completed my research of CSC’s from on outside perspective of someone who has never been employed with the company. My research validates that CSC is a prosperous organization as regards to the analysis of Competitive Advantage, Change Management, Diversity Management, Recruitment and Selection, Compensation and Benefits and Organizational Climate of CSC. With stockholder development on everybody’s agenda nowadays, Customer Relationship Management is on the rise again. After riding the hype cycle through the technology bubble years, CRM actions have felt the rage of corporate executives for the last several years. Broadcast of several failures of technologies and initiatives made its way into the corporate halls of sales and marketing and the market for CRM services came to a crashing halt. Only lately have organizations come to be serious again about relating with customers. To get it correct this time around, organizations need to start by observing a client statistics. This includes what is being collected, stockpiled and retrieved. In the early CRM initiatives, too much prominence was placed on systematizing customer contact points and too little on improving organizational awareness about the client and determining how to bring value to the relationship. Customer intelligence is a critical ability for all businesses to form more lucrative customer relationships. It consist of three strategic competencies that organizations must master with the purpose of accomplishing competitive differentiation: incorporating consumer information to produce a “single view” of the consumer, evaluating customer information to develop understandings, and applying the insights into the customer-facing operations of the organization. The commoditization of products and offerings has placed an increased prominence on service as a principal differentiator for the customer experience, and proactive service has emerged as a driver of faithfulness because of the supposed advantage of a supplier saving a customer time in recognition and resolution of problems or events. These aspects, combined with a strategic analytical emphasis have created the evolution of CRM to customer intelligence. Customer intelligence necessitates a company to comprehend the desires and routines of its clienteles and to be prepared to act on them in a fashion that enhances value to the customer experience. The greatest value of the maturity model is its use to measure where a business presently ranks in customer intelligence capabilities, plotting where it wants to be and then identifying the gaps. Gap fulfillment strategies become the basis for a customer intelligence roadmap. For a perfect approach to developing plans and strategies for employing customer intelligence capabilities, companies have to contemplate the following steps: customize the customer intelligence model for the industry in which...

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