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By Cherese2 Jul 14, 2013 634 Words
Cognitive-Behavioral Case Study of London:
A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan 2
Cherese Essien
Liberty University

In this conceptualization and treatment plan, the client’s presenting problems will be discussed in detail including symptoms and diagnosis. All disclosed problem areas for the client are described including, depression and anxiety. Cognitive behavioral theory is explained including the theory’s core concepts and key elements. Cognitive behavioral theory is utilized as the theory of choice throughout the treatment plan and conceptualization. The goals and interventions utilized are outlined also utilizing cognitive behavioral theory techniques. The goals for this client and treatment plan include; In conclusion the expected outcome of each intervention utilized is disclosed and all other challenges of the entire process are given.

Presenting Concerns
London presents as a 24-year old biracial woman of African-American and Caucasian decent. London came into counseling due to ongoing depression and poor peer relations caused by her anxiety and mistrust issues. London is a single mother recently discharged from the military with minimal support systems in place. She is currently working in a job she dislikes and feels trapped in her present life as it is. Her child’s father is incarcerated and she has been hiding this information from her family out of fear of judgment. London has four siblings three of which are younger than she. London and her siblings were raised by their paternal grandmother due to her parent’s drug abuse issues. London’s grandmother often displayed signs of depression during her childhood although it went undiagnosed without treatment. London described some symptoms of post-partum depression after the birth of her son, which went untreated. London does not have good relationships with her siblings nor does she have any solid peer relationships she feels she needs. London was raised as a Christian, but feels disconnected from God and guilty over her choices to have a child out of wedlock. London is now feeling increased anxiety about telling her family about her issues with her son’s father and what his return will do to their already strained relationship. Case Conceptualization

Speaking to London revealed many issues with forming and maintain healthy relationships. London’s lack of substantial relational exchanges with her parents seems to have caused much anxiety now that she herself is a parent (she reports being anxious around her child). Both London’s mother and father were not present during the ties she was trying to build a solid sense of self-awareness. London reports constantly being indecisive about things, as she was unsure of her likes and dislikes. London may have developed a poor sense of self, as she felt rejected by both parents. That rejection has now resurfaced in the relationship with Zion’s father, Xavier. Like her parents, Xavier left London during a pivotal time in her life. London may now believe she will become withdrawn and distant towards her own child the way her mother and father had done to her. London’s disconnect from herself and reality continued throughout adulthood when her grandmother did not pay as much attention to her as she would’ve liked. London has allowed feelings of incompetence and inadequacy hinder her progress at work, school, and in her peer relationships. London developed a habit of distancing herself from others in an attempt to avoid developing relationships. This distance included her siblings as she indicated she does not call them, visit them, or take any of their calls. London is also dishonest about what is going in her life with her family. London’s distorted view on her relationships has fueled her desire to maintain unhealthy relationships with men including her children’s father and other male figures. London reports being afraid to break off the relationship as she does not feel she can find someone else. Goals and Interventions

Spiritual Application Conclusions

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