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Definition/Interpretation 1: 

Relativity - dependence upon some variable factor such as the psychological, social, or environmental context

By Septimus (p. 5, Center)
"Time must needs run backward, and since it will not, we must stir our way onward mixing as we go, disorder out of disorder into disorder until pink is complete, unchanging and unchangeable, and we are done with it forever." 

Definition/Interpretation 2:

Relativity - as in the sense of what is relation to the condition/person of interest.


Definition/Interpretation 3:

Relativity - Branch of physics that plays a minor role in technology but is crucial in the world of elementary particles.

By Valentine to Hannah (p 52, top) 
"People were talking about the end of physics. Relativity and quantum looked as if they were going to clean out the whole problem between them. A theory of everything. But they only explained the very big and the very small. The universe, the elementary particles."

By Hannah (p 55 near bottom)
"What I don't understand is... why nobody did this feedback thing before -- it's not like relativity, you don't have to be Einstein"

By Hannah (p67 lower part)
"No doubt. Einstein -- relativity and sex. Chippendale -- sex and furniture. Galileo --'Did the earth move?'"

* What is relativity? Which sense is the one used by Stoppard in Arcadia? * How does Relativity "fit" into the play? If we are talking about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, then how does that fit in with the overall or other scientific themes/concepts tackled in the play * How does relativity fit in with chaos theory, Newtonian .... , determinism, etc? * How does the context of the development of relativity relate to the context of the play? * How to explain relativity very simply and give good example or AV to clarify? *

Initial "brain dump" research relocated further down (has the definitions, etc.)



Works Cited

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The most passionate advocates of the new science go so far as to say that twentiethcentury science will be remembered for just three things: relativity, quantum mechanics, and chaos.... As one physicist puts it: "Relativity eliminated the Newtonian illusion of absolute space and time; quantum theory eliminated the Newtonian dream of a controllable measurement process; and chaos eliminates the Laplacian fantasy of deterministic predictability."

Hawkes, Nigel. "Plotting the Course of a Playwright;Theatre." The Times: 0. Apr 13 1993.ProQuest. Web. 24 May 2013 .

relativity and quantum theory, as Stoppard puts in Arcadia, can explain only the very big or the very small, the universe or the elementary (this provides background to Valentine's comment on p52)  On the relationship between Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory (2004) essay by Piero Scaruffi a cognitive scientist with a degree in Mathematics, visiting scholar at Harvard and Stanford, who did theoretical work on Relativity and Elementary Particle Physics.

Scaruffi points out that "Relativity is deterministic"


Einstein's Theory of Relativity Made Easy video series
Ch1 Introduction Ch2 Time Dilation Ch3 Space-Time

Initial "dump" of definitions, etc.
Note: this is just to capture everything, as I only have a limited time right now. I'll come back tomorrow and refine, polish and...

Cited: Prapassaree, and Jeffrey Kramer. "Stoppard 's Arcadia: Research, Time, Loss." Modern Drama 40.1 (1997): 1-10. ProQuest.Web. 24 May 2013. (this provides background to Valentine 's comment on p52) 
On the relationship between Quantum Theory and Relativity Theory (2004)
Ed. John S. Rigden. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2003. p415-418.COPYRIGHT 2003 Macmillan Reference USA, COPYRIGHT 2006 Gale, Cengage Learning
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