Topics: Henrik Ibsen, Marriage, A Doll's House Pages: 2 (757 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Justin Fortner
Mrs. Nishioka
Honors 10A English Period 4
15 April 2013
The Life of a Doll
In “A Doll’s House”, written by Henrik Isben, translated by Michael Meyer, Nora, wife to Trovald, is constantly being treated like a helpless creature and called names like, “squirrel”, “skylark”, and “squander-bird.” Trovald refers to Nora only by names, such as those you give to a pet or a doll. Nora is not allowed to do anything on her own free will and her only job is to entertain and obey every whim of Trovald. She also describes that she has a similar situation with her father, who also treats her like a doll. The symbolic meaning of the title “A Doll’s House” written by Henrik Isben and translated by Michael Meyer refers to Nora who is treated like a doll within her own home by Trovald and her father. Trovlad treats Nora as if she is his pet or little toy Doll by calling her names and ordering her to do as he says. In particular, Nora comes home from shopping for gifts for her family when Trovlad begins to talk down to her like she is a doll and he says to her, “you [can not] deny it, Nora dear. The squander bird’s a pretty little creature, but she [spends] an awful lot of money. [It is] incredible what an expensive pet she is for a man to keep” (1074). Trovald refers to Nora as a squander-bird, a creature, and a pet. Trovald has no respect for Nora and treats her less than a normal human. Furthermore, Nora asks for more money and Trovald turns her down he says, “now, now! My little songbird [must not] droop her wings. [What is] this? Is little squirrel sulking?” (1074). Again, Trovald refers to Nora as something sub-human. He is speaking to her in a tone reserved to animals and creatures. Trovald treats nora like an animal and he has no respect for her or the decisions she makes. Throughout Nora’s life she is treated like nothing but a doll in the hands of her father and husband. For example, as Nora describes the instances she would tell Trovald about the...
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