Topics: Food safety, Nutrition, Salmonella Pages: 5 (1066 words) Published: March 12, 2013
Chapter II
Review of related literature and studies this chapter present a discussion of related literature and previously conducted studies that have close bearing to the present study. Related literature
Food contamination refers to the presence of the harmful chemicals and microorganisms which can cause consumer illness. This article addresses the chemical contamination which can be found as opposed to microbiological contamination hich can be found under foodborne illness. A separate issues is genetically modified foods or the presence in foods ingredients from genetically modefied organisms also referred to as a form of food constaminations. The impact of chemicals constaminates on consumer health and well-being is often apparent only after many fears of processing ( unlike most microbiological agents ). Chemicals contaminants can be classified according to the source of contamination and the mechanism by which they enter the food product. ( all of the students of a chongming island primary suspected of suppering poisoning including nometing and diarrhea. Police have close the carenderia during the investigation. The schools medical will come the medical expenses. ( ) In Davao City at least 169 people mostly students landed In the hospital after eating chicken adobo at lunch during an assembly at ateneo de davao university andeterium there on Sunday in hat could be the first case of mess food poisoning in the schools history. Must probably this was caused by bacteria on the food seried . The Dr.Edward Ladrido of the epidemiological unit of the city health office said food samples retrived from the seen would be tested. It take at least a week before the test results are released and the source of the poisoning in identified,he added. Samples will also be sent to manila to be tested by the department of health. Students and stuff members who attended the students leaders assembly were rushed to various hospitals after conplaning packed meals. The schools administration was closely monitoring the victims and ould shoulder all their hospitals expenses. The faculty and staff on the university were also there to help in transfering the students from the emergency room to regular rooms the have been very cooperative ith investegatory even providing assistance to the hospitalization of the victims. The caterer would be summoned to face the inquiry intiated by the schools and city health office. The university presidents will decide on whether. Changes would be filed agains the caferer offer the investigation .

Chapter III Research methodology This chapter presents the research design ,versearg locale research respondents, research instrument, administration of try out instrument,data gathering,and statistical tool. Research design

This is a descriptive correlational study which itilizes the researches made instruments. The research data will be gathered through the use of the research instruments and analyzed and also interpected through the discriptive and inferential statistics . The descriptive method of research was used in the study it involves the description, recording, analysis and interpretation of the present nature, composition or process of phenomena. The focus in an prevailing conditions, or has a person, group of things behave, or function in the present it often involves some type of comparison or contrast ( Manuel and Madel 2005 ) A descriptive method as defined by calderon and gonzales ( 1992 ) is a method of study that involves description , recording, analysing and interpretation of the present nature, composition and phemomena . it describes reseacrh and provide usefull information and events and behavior as they relate another ( Santiago and Enriquez (1992 )...
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