RES 351 Week 5 Team Assignment Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part 4 New

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Preparing to Conduct Business Research Part IV
RES 351
Preparing to Conduct Business Research
Business research is a must in today business world. Cox Communications is not exempt from this statement. They have a problem that needs to be solved, why are their customers unhappy with their services. The following will go over how to access the population, the instruments used to collect the data or information, the appropriate sampling method, the sampling frame and size, the qualitative methods used, the statistical tests, insights and conclusions to be found. Population Sample

“A population is the total collection of elements about which we wish to make some inferences” (Cooper & Schindler, 2014). The population for this particular research would be contained within the customer base. Within the base there will be an amount of the customers currently unhappy with the service. Since it would be hard to single out these particular customers, the population would have to be the base as a whole. Access to this population is as easy as pulling up the customer listing. There should also be former customers within this population to get a sense of what drove those people to other services. Instruments Used

The following stages of the research practice that will be taken following the investigation phase are approved. This is the set of data that is pertinent to the management dilemma and application of information inside the corporation. As already acknowledged, the efficient management and application of information is critical to the achievement of Cox's functions. The data-collection devices that may be utilized for this particular report may have the goal of enhancing the utilization of information inside the business as a way to gain an edge over competitions in the field. The investigation procedure for this particular study will use two primary data collection instruments, “surveys and interviews”, to establish problem areas and possible enhancements and solutions to problems. The surveys that will be used will include a series of questions that can give a much better grasps of the procedures presently employed by workers to handle information (Cooper & Schindler, 2011). The data collected by the surveys will allow the research team to begin the development of a plan or strategy to remedy the problem the company has with managing information. Interviews will be used to gain further data from employees and the management team at Cox regarding how information is used and processed. The information gathered from the interviews will be combined with the data collected from the surveys and will help give a better understanding of the problem and aid in developing a solution. Sampling Method

Random sampling includes picking a particular quantity of data items totally at random, subsequently utilizing the sample for further evaluation. Random sampling may be a highly effective technique when examining pretty standardized sets of information. Cox is seeking to decide the portion of customers who are unhappy with their services. Instead of using a data-set of several million entries, the company could pretty much examine a random sample of several hundred entries to get to a number that approximates the status of the complete data set. According to Cooper & Schindler (2014), “The unrestricted, simple random sample is the purest form of probability sampling. Since all probability samples must provide a known nonzero probability of selection for each population element, the simple random sample is considered a special case in which each population element has a known and equal chance of selection (pg 349)”. Sampling Frame

The sampling frame utilized in this research will be current clients of Cox Communications. The intent is to evaluate from this population how they currently feel about their products, services and customer service. It is important to only utilize the information from each client...

References: Cooper, D. R., & Schindler, P. S. (2014). Business Research Methods (12th ed.). Retrieved from The University of Phoenix eBook Collection database.
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