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Training & Development

Training is a very important part of the development of organizations’ human skills which they need to perform their job and their overall motivation towards their regular duty. Prime Bank Limited offer the extensive training program for its employee so that the employees can develop their personal, technical skills and leadership skills and help the Bank to achieve its strategic goal by getting the competitive advantage. Prime Bank Human Resources Division has its own Training & Development Center named as Prime Bank Human Resource Training & Development Center. Prime Bank offers its employees a mixture of widespread training program based on their hierarchy and their job responsibility. They believe that a proper training can bring the best output of the employee and there is no alternative of the training. The training manual of the each training program are well defined. And keep the syllabus always up to date. So the employee can learn the latest business technique from the training. Lecture Based Training:

For new recruiters they offer the one month long foundation training program which is basically lecture based training program where the new employees are trained about the culture of the Bank with the basic background information about the company. They get the overall picture of the organization in a broad sense as well as key facts as policies and procedure and the various product which the Bank offer and the operational procedure of General Banking, Foreign Exchange, Credit Operations etc. They also learn the rules and regulation of the central bank of Bangladesh. On the Job & Job Rotation Training:

For fresh entrants Prime Bank offers the 9 months long on the job training program. In this time they are able to get on the job training on General Banking, Foreign Exchange and Credit Operation. And the duration of each training program is 3 months. In this training program a trainee move one department to other department to broaden his or her experience and identify strong and weak points. Coaching Approach:

For fresh and lateral entrants they also offer the coaching approach training program where trainee works directly with a senior employee.

Audio Visual Training:
The HR Training & Development Center also arranges the training based on the Audio visual where they show the different types of documentary film which is related to leadership skills. So that the employees can develop their leadership quality like that way. Executives’ Training:

For the experience bankers the HR Training & Development Center arrange the higher level training program based on their specific job performance skills needed and improve their leadership quality and stress management. Foreign Training:

Prime Bank sends his employees frequently in different training program and conference arrange by the other organization in or outside the country to motivate the employee and give the chance to improve their level of skills. Selection of the Trainers:

The most of the trainers of the different training programs are the high official of the Prime Bank, Bangladesh Bank and from other renowned banks. The HR Training & Development Center also offers the teachers of the reputed university as a trainer. After completing each and every training program the trainees’ evaluate the trainers by feel up the evaluation sheet. So that the component authority can measure the performance of the trainer which help to provide the higher level training to the employees.


Compensation is what employees receive in exchange for the services rendered in an organization. The term 'compensation' refers to all forms of financial returns and tangible benefits that employees receive as part of the employment relationship. Prime Bank Limited provides the standard compensation to its employees. In the overall banking industry in Bangladesh Prime Bank is in the 5th place to provide...
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