Requirements Specification Documentation

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ISYS 2453 BIS Analysis and Design 2
Assignment 2: Requirements Specification Documentation

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Table of content
1.1.Purpose of the project4
1.2.Project Scope4
2.Overall Description4
2.1.Product Perspective4
2.2.Product Features4
2.3.User Classes and Characteristics4
2.4.Assumption and Dependencies6
3.System Features6
5.1.Appendix A: Use case and Actor Diagram8
5.2.Appendix B: Use Case10
WRMS -01 <Log In>10
WRMS -02 <Validate User>11
WRMS -03 <Log Out>12
WRMS -04 <Change Password>13
WRMS -05 <View Employee Working Performance>14
WRMS -06 <Calculate the Number of Worker Required>15
WRMS -07 <Record New Result>16
WRMS -08 <Search For Available Employee >17
WRMS -09 <Hire New Employee>18
WRMS -10 <Dispose Employee>19
WRMS -11 <Update New Information>20
WRMS -12 <Calculate Payment for Employee>21
WRMS -13 <Calculate the commission fee >22
WRMS -14 <Generate Report>23
5.3.Appendix C: Package Diagram24
5.4.Appendix D: Class Diagram25
5.5.Appendix E: Class Definition26
5.6.Appendix F: State Diagram29
State Diagram 1: Searching state29
State Diagram 2: Calculate salary state30
State Diagram 3: Calculate number of worker state31
5.7.Appendix G: Sequence Diagram32
Log in32
Log out33

1. Introduction

2.1. Purpose of the project
The purpose of this document is to specify the requirement of BasketCase Company development.

2.2. Project Scope
Several recommendations were mentioned in the previous report. However, this document only focuses on providing the requirement model for the system of BasketCase Company to recruit and manage the workforce. The new system named Workforce Recruitment and Management System (WRMS).

2. Overall Description
3.3. Product Perspective
The new system will increase the efficiency of the use of human resources. Depending on the amount of product requirements, the number of employees will be provided correctly. Therefore, the cost of the excess or lack of workers will be reduced. The system will also ensure that the product would be completely produced according to the specific time. Moreover, thanks to this new system, the company could reduce the cost and gain more profits.

Besides, payment system will be changed. Employees will be paid based on the amount of time of their working performance. It would raise the fairness among employees and enhance the productivity in the workplace.

3.4. Product Features
There are three main functions of the new product:
* Calculation: the manager will enter the required data such as production deadline, the numbers of products required to produce and the number of existing machines. Furthermore, the system will automatically calculate the number of workers needed for the plan. * Search and recruitment: the system will automatically link to the database of the Manpower Supply companies in the local area. By doing so, the manager can easily see the profile of many potential workers. Then, he could make decision and hire them online. * Salary calculation: the system will calculate the amount of salary based on the record of worker's working performance. Besides that, it is able to calculate the amount of commission fee for the Manpower Supply companies based on the number of hired workers.

3.5. User Classes and Characteristics
According to actor diagram, there are numerous users are utilizing the new system.

A-1 BasketCase Registered User
Description| All employees and staffs of BasketCase company who can log in and use the system| Aliases| None|
Inherits| None|
Actor Type| Person|
Contact Person| None|
Contact Detail| None|...
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