Requirements Analysis and Library Management

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Business Requirements

Table of Contents


1.3Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations1


2Project Vision3

2.1Problem Statement3
2.2Statement of Business Need3
2.3Project Objectives3

3Project Scope4

3.1Project Scope and Boundary4
3.1.1Project Inclusion Statement:4
3.1.2Project Exclusion Statement4

4Business Requirements5

4.1Business Benefits5

4.2Detailed Business Requirements6

5Operating Environment Requirements9


6 assumptions and Constraints9



1 Purpose

LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (LMS) is intended to help the Employees to use the library online. This document is used to capture the business requirements of the Library Management System project for Virtusa.Library Management System is to automate the classical Library Management System and add some extra functions.

2 Scope

This Library Management System project provides an opportunity to the employees in the company to access the library online. This project can be used anywhere where the system needs to be automated.

3 Definitions, Acronyms, and Abbreviations

Acronyms and Abbreviations:
a. LMS: Library Management System.
b. SRS: Software Requirements Specification.

1.4 Overview

This project is aimed at developing an online Library Management System (LMS) for Virtusa library. This is an Intranet based application [pic] that can be accessed throughout the campus. This system can be used to search for elements such as books/magazines/cds etc, reserve the elements, find out who is holding a particular element, send notifications through mail, generate report. This is an integrated system that contains two components namely the user and the librarian (admin) .

Administrator can manage users, manage categories, add or remove books, maintain transactions like issuing the elements, returning and renewing the return date. He can also add another administrator, assign permissions to them, can generate reports on transactions, and search for a specified element.

User can view his account, search for an element, requests the administrator to issue an element.

Project Vision

1 Problem Statement

|The Problem |Manually the admin and the user should interact for every transaction. | |Stakeholders |Administrator and employees. | |Impact |Maintenance and loss of time. | |.Key Benefits |Automation, Maintenance and generating reports |

2 Statement of Business Need

This project is developed keeping in mind the problems faced by the librarian and the employees. When the librarian is requested to generate a report, for any transaction. He has to search the entire files manually to fulfill the request. When an employee wants particular book.He has to walkin to the library and places the request and wait for the request to be fulfilled by the librarian. This will cause a lot of manual work and loss of time for both employees and the librarian. This system is developed to overcome these drawbacks.

3 Project Objectives

The project objective is to make the entire process involved in library management online that is the employee can search and block one or more elements allowed by sitting at his desk, the admin can do all transactions required, send alert mails, generate reports with...
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