Requiem for Dream Analysis

Topics: Drug addiction, Fear, Television Pages: 2 (481 words) Published: November 30, 2008

A) The scene is part of the rising action leading up to the climax of Sarah’s story. The scene demonstrates her dementia that is caused by the drugs she is taking as well as her loneliness.

B)The clip uses various cinematic techniques to bring the viewer into Sarah’s mind. The cinematography emphasizes the chaos and brutality of drugs.



1)The make-up plays a clever part in the production of the scene. The real life Sarah has light and bland make-up while the Sarah on the televisions has bright and good looking makeup. Late in the scene when the Television Sarah comes to life, her make-up turns dark, showing the shift in her character.

2)The costume that the real life Sarah is wearing are old, cotton, and faded, while the dress that the TV Sarah is wearing is bright and beautiful. This choice in costumes shows the contrast between Sarah’s views of how she wants to look and the reality of how she really does look.

3)The real life Sarah’s hair is red, but the roots are clearly seen and it’s faded and not kept very kept. In contrast, the TV Sarah has bright red hair that is styled.

4)The setting is also important for showing Sarah’s character. The apartment is shown as old and plain, identical to Sarah. Later in the scene the apartment breaks down and turns into a set of the TV show, her fridge tries to devour her, and her apartment is broken apart. This all symbolizes how drug addiction is tearing down her world.

5)Close-ups of Sarah’s confused, fearful, plain, anxious sweating face demonstrate her state of mind. The lonely, desperate, despair in the tone of her dialog contribute as well.


1)In the beginning of the scene it is interesting when Sarah fearfully peers around the corner and there is a cut to the refrigerator. The refrigerator is...
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