Request for Payment

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Ján Nikolas
Acounting department
United Kingdom
18 March 2012

Juan Trujillo
Peter Darby
United Kingdom

Dear Juan Trujillo,

I am writing to you in the matter of the contract with your company named Peter Darby. I produced for your company three hundred office desks. I has passed two month since the delivery. This order was at very short notice, but we were able to react quickly and deliver .. goods in time. We have yet not receive the payment for this contract. In the terms and conditions of our sales agreement … is clearly stated, that you have to sent ..payment within thirty days of receipt of invoice. Our company is known for their patience and good handling with customers. I have already sent you two reminders, first four weeks after overdue and another four weeks after that. Feel free to check enclosed invoice and copies of the previous reminders.

Now the acount is more than eight weeks overdue and I am asking you politely to set the things straight as fast as possible. I have constantly waited for the payment and it has affected my work and future contracts with other customers. I have to warn you that you have already been charged 3% a month in adition to payment for the late remittance as is stated in our terms and conditions. If we do not close this deal until next month, an interest will be raised to 5% a month and you will be charged extra fee in ammount of 10% of your debt. I also intend to take more steps if you keep not responding to our cause but I honestly hope that taking this deal in front of the court will not be necessary.

I believe this is a big misunderstanding and we will close this deal in short time. I thank you  for your cooperation regarding this matter. I wish you well in your future and I hope we can continue doing business together, that will be smooth once again.

Yours sincerely

Martin Zajiček

Branch Director

I am...
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