Request for Funding

Topics: Management, United States, Gulf War Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: September 16, 2010
To:L M. Butler
From:J. Paul
CC:T Last
Date: [ 5/30/2010 ]
Re:Request for Funding
I would like to request funding to participate in the upcoming class, Business Communications, held at Tulane University, uptown campus. As a driven-minded employee of the United States Postal Service, I have been working on a research paper, which discusses the impact of a 5-day work week from a letter carriers perspective. This research paper will provide another source of information to the United States Congress whose decision will impact the lives of many Americans. The class titled, GB512 Business Communications, focuses on effective written strategies for various circumstances, including engagement with larger audiences. The 6 week class begins July 12, 2010. The non-refundable registration fee for the class is $495.00. This fee includes all course materials and software Attending this class will provide me with an opportunity for professional development and allow me to become a stronger team member within the U. S. Postal Service. Many leaders from the Gulf Coast have taken this class as it appears to be very popular among business and industry managers. According to the Tulane University website, well-known oil and gas leaders, civic and state leaders, and many managers from various businesses have taken or have enrolled in this class. Participating in this class will also give me and the U. S. Postal Service direct access to other industries, allowing us to focus our efforts to their delivery service needs. Locally, this is critical to our latest program, “Business Connect,” which purposes are to identify new customers and revenue prospects, make professional presentations about products and services, and establish themselves with these customers as the primary local resource for business growth and success. Thank you for considering this request. Please let me know if any additional information is needed for approval.
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