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WHOOP DOOPAMost recipes accept cooked variants of ingredients. Exceptions: and If there is more than one matching recipe for given ingredients the game will pick one with the highest priority. If there is more than one recipe with highest priority the game will pick at random. E.g.: will sometimes produce , other times

Try this , check the Don't Starve Food Guide, Crock Pot Simulator. Food

Bacon and Eggs +20 +75 +5204010×2 ×1.5
Butter Muffin +20 +37.5 +515401×1 ×0.5no
Dragonpie +40 +75 +515401×1no
Fish Tacos +20 +37.5 +561010×1 ×1
Fishsticks +40 +37.5 +5104010×1 ×1
Fist Full of Jam +3 +37.5 +515100×0.5


Froggle Bunwich +20 +37.5 +515401×1 ×0.5
Fruit Medley +20 +25 +56100×3

Honey Ham +30 +75 +515402×1 ×2no
Honey Nuggets +20 +37.5 +515402×1 ×0.5no
Kabobs +3 +37.5 +515405×0.5 ×1no ≤1
Mandrake Soup +100 +150 +566010×1
Meatballs +3 +62.5 +51015 -1×0.5no
Meaty Stew +12 +150 +510150×3no
Monster Lasagna -20 +37.5 -2061010×2no
Pierogi +40 +37.5 +520205×1 ×0.5
Pumpkin Cookie0 +37.5 +15104010×1 ×2
Ratatouille +3 +25 +515200×0.5

Stuffed Eggplant +3 +37.5 +515401×1 ×0.5
Taffy -3 +25 +15154010×3no
Turkey Dinner +20 +75 +566010×2 ×0.5 ×0.5 or ×0.5
Waffles +60 +37.5 +561010×1 ×1 ×1
Powdercake -3 0 0 18750 10 10×1

Wet Goop00065 -2x2
Health Hunger Sanity Perish Time (days) Cook Time (sec) Priority Mechanics Edit

Before looking into the mechanism, here are some reminders:

Some Crock Pot dishes give fewer hunger/health points than the sum of their components. E.g. it's better to just eat 4× [+12 +50 ] than to make a [+3 +25 ] with them. Placing more than 1 Monster Food (, , , , ) will result in Monster Lasagna in most cases, unless Twigs have been added. The outcome of the Crock Pot is not randomly decided between recipes. It can be cooked with the given ingredients. Each recipe can require certain items to be present, for example Meatballs requires one of the Meats and can never be cooked without any. Similarly, recipes can exclude certain items, for example Dragonpie excludes Meats and can never be cooked if meat is included. Each recipe has a priority rating, which decides what the result of the current cooking session will be. The recipe with the highest rating will always be chosen. If there are several recipes with the same importance, a random recipe will be chosen. Some recipes have importance of 0 or below, which means they will never be chosen over other recipes. Such as, Wet Goop, which is always a valid result, but never chosen over anything else due to having -2 importance. The only exception is 0 importance recipes Fist Full of Jam, Fruit Medley and Ratatouille, which appear to always get chosen in that order.

Crock Pot requires 4 food items, however some recipe requirements can be fulfilled with less than 4 items. In such recipes, the remaining slots can be filled by any cookable item that doesn't affect the original recipe or produce a different recipe. For example, Meatballs can be made with 1 Morsel. The remaining three slots could be 3 more Morsels or 3 Butter. However, adding Twigs will result in Kabobs, as they are higher importance than the Meatballs.

Here is an example of possible recipes from Fish + Cooked Frog Legs + Corn + Twigs: Fishsticks [Importance=10], Fish Tacos [Importance=10], Kabobs [Importance=5], Froggle Bunwich [1], Wet Goop [-2]. This means the result will be Fishsticks 50% and Fish Tacos 50% of the time, but not Kabobs or any other ones.

Meat valuesEdit
Meat recipes, instead of a certain number of Meat items, require a certain amount of "meatiness". Different meats have different meatiness values,...
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