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Topics: United States Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, Human rights Pages: 6 (2024 words) Published: March 27, 2012
The Republican Party has always been the true political party of the United States of America. When referring to the Declaration of Independence’s three principles based on John Locke’s and Thomas Jefferson‘s definitions of them. The three principles of the Declaration are the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. The Republican Party is superior to the Democratic Party in upholding the Declaration’s principles and biblical God given rights. There are three policies that show that coincide with the prominent Declaration principles that exemplify the dominance of the Republican Party to the Democratic Party. For principle life it is the parties views on abortion, liberty it is the views on gun control, and the pursuit of happiness it is the views on taxes.

The principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were originally defined by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Jefferson constructed his definitions from inspirations he received from John Locke‘s writings, primarily from his book Two Treaties. John Locke’s principles slightly differed from the ones in the Declaration and consisted of the principles life, liberty, and property. He called these principles the people’s natural rights, meaning all men are innately born with the right to them. John Locke defines life as God given and that all people are God’s property and entitled to life. Locke defines liberty as “not a state of license,” but as a rightful and moral exercise of freedom. He states that liberty does not give man the right to take his own life or hinder the liberty of others. A man cannot harm the health, possessions, or life of another man. Locke lastly defines the natural right to property. Locke defines this principle as more than owning things, but also owning oneself. He also defines property as owning the common, the things citizens labor to have. An example of owning then common Locke gives is, if a man catches a fish in the ocean, cooks it and eats it because he labored for it and it was God given. Jefferson based the definitions of life and liberty off of Locke’s definitions in the Declaration of Independence, but changed property and redefined it as the pursuit of happiness. Jefferson defines the pursuit of happiness as mans right to pursue happiness, but not the right to happiness. 

The Republican party best follows the definition of life according to the Declaration of Independence with their view on abortion. The big difference between the Republican party and the Democratic party on this issue is the Republican party sees abortion as wrong and the Democratic party does not. The republicans are pro-life and conservative and believe that each human being has the right to live and abortion is equivalent to murder. In 2008, approximately one million, twenty-one thousand abortions took place in the U.S., that’s over one million murders. The Republican Party recognizes that even in the womb the fetus is unique and is a living being with the inalienable right to life and has a creator. The Republican Party as a generalized view believes that human life commences at conception, and therefore has individual and exclusive rights from the mother, which in turn does not give permission to the mother to abort the child.

The Democratic Party is the liberal party and is pro-choice in the abortion debate. They believe that being the future mother or it being the women’s body gives her the privilege to make the decision regarding the fetus life. A fair point, but one you never hear is that the government should not try to control what a citizen does with their body, just like it does not tell them what they should eat. Then again, it would be an oxymoron for they do believe in governmental control. The Democratic Party is the party that states that they are the moving forward political party, and they are the ones who manufactured Planned Parenthood, a facility, located across the country, which dedicates their...
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