Republic Day

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Dear brothers and sisters,

India celebrates our 63nd Republic Day which is one of three national days in India. Commonly 63rd Republic Day is a public holiday in most of the countries to honor the day on which the country first became republics. In such some are Commonwealth countries, the British sovereign was ruling the state until the change of status.

Even though India obtained freedom on August 15, 1947, Indian Constitution implemented and came into effect only on January 26, 1950. King George VI, the last and only "King" of the modern India, was leading our state during the evolution period from 1947 to 1950. Lord Mountbatten and C. Rajagopalachari were serving as the Governors-General of India at that time. Afterwards Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first president of India on January 26, 1950. With this the Parliament officially approved the Constitution of India and declared itself as a "Republic" on January 26, 1950, a date thereafter celebrated every year as Republic Day in India. The Constitution had been prepared by the Constituent Assembly based upon India is becoming the liberal from the British rulers in 1947. So we can consider 26th of January was initially India's "Independence Day". As everybody know Mahatma Gandhi, the father of nation, had taken a lot of efforts to get freedom for India by many symbolic acts during India's Freedom Struggle against the British colonial rule. Acceptation of the Constitution on January 26, had given an extra strength to Country that has obtained liberty from the British Raj on August 15, 1947. There are two other annual national holidays in India apart from Republic day. One is Independence Day on August 15, 1947 and other one is birthday of Mohandas K Gandhi or Mahatma Gandhi on October 2.

Lets talk about India Republic Day celebration official celebration in New Delhi. According to the Republic Day celebration on January 26th every year a grand parade is held in New Delhi, the Capital of India,...
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