Reproductive System

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Jezriel D. Punzalan
Reproductive System

I. Introduction

“This is an example of the reproductive system
being fine tuned. We know a lot about the gross regulation of the reproductive system, but fine tuning hasn`t been well
understood at all.”



It is a decree among schools and universities to study and learn the foundations of the reproductive system, as it is mandated by the Department of Health to include this in the teacher’s lesson plan. Ironically, heightened incidence of births among younger women have had been distinctively seen and observed. What

would have been the reason? According to the above quotation, there is a lot of people who don’t understand the Reproductive System well as there may have been external barriers.

We cannot blame the professors on how fine they teach,
how scarce the resources is, nor the level the government values the subject. The primary cause for innocence in this subject would be how serious people treat it. What is essential for us is to have a basic knowledge and whole heartedly familiarize the topic so that we can apply it naturally especially when circumstances occur.

* This content is further divided into male and female
reproductive system to easily understand and define the entire scope of the Reproductive system.

Male Reproductive System
* The male reproductive system is needed to the
completion of life. It is consist of a number of organs:

* Seminiferous tubules – this is the place where cell division and sexual reproduction takes place.
* Testes – the location where sperm is produced.
* Scrotum – this part of the male reproductive is essential since it is...
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