Repression: Psychology

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(Survey method)

As we spoke of in the last research paper, and as a reminder to the readers, Repression is to held back by any act of volition, but psychologically is to exclude automatically or unconsciously from the conscious mind, and it occurs in our early years as a result of the separation of our unconsciousness and our consciousness, as we face the reality of life, and basically as we start felling a sense of responsibility towards things we never thought of in our childhood.

When forming the memory, the brain stores what we see, smell, feel and taste, and fills the blank with all the knowledge and experiences that we go trough in life. Yet sometimes the brain experiences some events emotionally dramatic and abnormal that the brain pushes it away from the consciousness to the unconsciousness trying so hard to repress it and expectantly tries to hide it deep into the unconsciousness and therefore to be forgotten. However this repressed memories might emerge and come into sight even after years or even decades.(Wikipedia)

For the task of completing a research survey; and since psychology involves studying behavior scientifically, psychologists, like scientists in biology, chemistry or any other scientific field need to collect data. Data is any fact or piece of information, which is processed trough statistical process to come to any decision. For example a principal of a school might want to know the number of students in science, commerce or Arts group. He might also want to know the ratio of boys and girls taking admission in the different streams. At a later stage he might want to select a student for the post of “head boy” of boys and girl or “head girl” of the school of which he would like to know the leadership quantities of the students. All such problems require the use of different methods of collecting and...

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