Representative Government

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Julia Wade
Period 3
Representative Government
In 1787 when delegates met for the Constitutional Convention they had to establish a way that states could have an equal say in government. They decided that the people should vote for their representation in government. The colonists would vote for senators and representatives which would be their voice in the government. This lead to the great compromise which was a debate between the smaller and larger states about who should have more say in the government. The small states wanted to have an equal amount of representation in government, that it why the Great Compromise was created. In representative government the people vote for a representative to be their voice in government. Each state has representatives that go to the House of Representatives and are the states voice in the decisions the government makes. Each State also has two senates. The House of Representatives and the Senate make up the majority of the legislative branch. The Great Compromise took the New Jersey Plan and the Virginia Plan and combined them to settle the debates between large and small states. The small states said that the Virginia Plan would give the larger states more power. The Virginia Plan wanted the larger states to have more power due to their larger population. The New Jersey Plan said that each state should have one representative in congress so the small and large states would have equal power. They eventually came to a compromise where each state got equal representation in the senate and in the House of Representatives the representation was based on population. In the end each state got some of what they wanted. When trying to decide what to make out of the two plans delegates from each state worked together to decide what to put together to create a compromise. After the states had been under Britain’s rule they wanted to make sure that they had representation in government because the British didn’t let the...
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