Representative Democracy

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Representative Democracy

The best government system is a representative democracy because it represents the citizens and it is distributed.

In a representative democracy, the citizens vote and choose a representative to make the laws. The benefits of this policy would be that the government would represent the citizens. Although the citizens do not rule the country, they vote and leave it to the educated and experienced government. The term “vote” will allow the government to create a consensus between the citizens. This will ultimately eliminate the chance of major disagreement in the society. In 2012, president Barack Obama and the democrats were re-elected. The majority of the citizens were interested with the democrats and therefore voted for them. The democratic party represents the United States today, and the citizens are proud to have them protect them.  Also, the representative democracy is not biased. Because the citizens voted the president in, it cannot be biased, but it is the opposite. It is fair. Although the opposing citizens may disagree, it is only fair because there can only be one party that represents the country. The citizens elect the representatives due to their judgement or knowledge in their field of expertise. The expertise can allow the elected representatives to make sense of the demands of the people they represent and find a solution which is another big advantage of the representative democracy. Two years ago, President Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden won the election with about 61 percent of the votes. On the other hand, Romney had about 39 % of the votes. Because the citizens wanted to vote President Barack Obama in, he became the president. The vote was fair and square, and every citizen has a fair speech to it.

In a representative democracy, the power is distributed. First off, there is no dictator. Nobody rules and decides for the citizens. In a representative democracy, the majority rules. If, for...
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