Representations in Ashes to Ashes

Topics: Gender, Police, Audience Pages: 5 (1787 words) Published: July 8, 2012
What representations are in Ashes to Ashes? What different groups are represented and what possible effects it could these representations have?

In the following essay, the several representations shown in the episode by different production approaches are to be examined. The objective is to check how these several groups of parties and phenomenas are being representated and how these representations may effect on audiences. Throughout the essay, specific examples from the screenplay will be extracted and cited as evidence of denotation which are further explained and illustrated for the underlying conotation of such symbol. These research method is going to be carried out under the framework of referncing the mise-en-scene, cinematography and other production elements such as soundtracks. Before going into depth with the possible representations, it is essential to understand a brief background of the episode as some of the set of the screenplay act as foundamental clues for the analysis. Several terms are used to describe the genre categorization of the series: sci-fi, fantasy and crime. It is being seen as sci-fi and fantasy genre series for element of time travel and the constant flashforward sequences usage in the screenplay act as reminders for the audiences of the protagonist’s situation in a past time, the 1980s. It is categorized as crime because of the narrative setting of the screenplay as well as the presence of crime related mise-en-scene elements. This two genres act as main driven force of the narrative which justify the existence of the groups that are represented in the episode. To start off, the representation of gender issue and the possible effect of it is to be examined. It is a major and yet often commonly used represtntation that exists in screenplays of similar kinds for the issue being raised may act as a natural driven force of the narrative. In reference to Claude Levis-Strauss’ Binary opposition theory, the constrast shown by different characters of different sex and personality may act as strong oppostion which therefore drive the narrative with favour of the audiences. Yet, the represented figure of characters of whatever sex may have possible contradiction to the ideal figure of some audiences which implied that they may have different perspective on the issue. In this case, an audience may decide his approach towards the idea being represtented from the text. Audience’s attempts to evaluate and contribute are taken actively. According the reception method theory, the audiences taking evaluation attempts towards a given text can be categorized into three groups which are the preferred reader, negotiated reader and oppositional reader. In this sense, we are going to examine how genders aspects of the characters are represented in the screenplay. Firstly, for the main female role, Alex Drake is being portrayed as a powerful and intellingent character. This can be revealled by her decent physical height in compared with most of the supporting male characters. In contrast to Laura Mulvey’s stereotype female character, the conotation of her superior height obviously presents an intention to masculinize the image of Alex. In addition, the way she converses with other characters also reveals her powerful characteristic. This can be checked especially by examining her steady composure and fearless appraoch when talking to Gene Hunt, the chef inspector who ranks above her and often talks in a mean tone. Accordingly, her fearlessness can be justified in the scene when she argues against Gene apon serious nature of the case. In that scene, Gene sitting behind the office desk on the chair was orally challenged by Alex, presenting her argument of possible consipiracy of the case on the other side of the desk standing. Cutting between point of view shots of the two suggests the nature of the converstion being held by the two. Although the low angle shot given for Gene while defending himself...
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